Work with me

You can either hire me to work for your business or non-profit organisation, or you can choose to work with this site in a marketing or advertising capacity.

Clients and collaborations hire me Penny Golightly

Examples of clients



The services I provide include content planning and creation, journalism and writing books, and social media consultancy and support.


COMMISSION ME : Writing, editing and content planning

I’m available for:

  • Freelance article commissions, and writing regular columns
  • Pro-blogging for your business
  • Content consultancy, curation and planning
  • Editing and commissioning for your publication
  • Authoring books (12 books with major publishers)

Benefits of hiring me to write for you

  1. Articles and other copy created by a trained, experienced journalist
  2. Skilled at idea generation, and populating websites and blogs with great content
  3. Lively, interesting writing that engages your visitors
  4. Excellent understanding of target audience, deadlines and house style
  5. I make it easy for you to fill your publication with things people want to read

Sample portfolio: Freelance writing

>> COMMISSION ME: If you’d like to commission Penny Golightly to edit or write for your publication, please send a message via the Contact us form to discuss your requirements. Unpaid commissions will not be considered.


HIRE ME: Social media consultancy and support

Available for:

  • Social media strategy, evaluation and planning
  • Social media content creation and scheduling
  • Hosting real time events such as Twitter parties

Social media examples

>> HIRE ME for social media projects: Drop me a line via the Contact us form with a quick outline of your social media requirements.


brands that have worked with penny golightly

Examples of brand collaborations



There are several opportunities for your company, non-profit or client to work with this site:

1. Review opportunities for suitable products or services
2. Provision of competition prizes
3. Sponsored posts with content written here in-house
4. Other advertising such as banner or sidebar ads
5. Collaborations such as product or event creation

Please note that there are currently NO opportunities for guest posts on this site, unless it’s for charity. This site also operates a full disclosure policy for sponsored posts, review items, advertising and affiliate links, and so on. Honesty and transparency is the best policy.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: I never work with payday loans companies or commercial businesses that focus primarily on debt consolidation. In addition, gambling, betting, lotteries, tobacco and related products, or anything illegal will not be considered.


1) Review opportunities for products or services

I’m always on the lookout for interesting items and services to review. Here are some ideas that should be helpful if you’re thinking about working with this site:

  • Luxury for less: offers on high end brands, and so on
  • Value for money: products and services that perform well
  • High street products that are as good as designer products
  • Non-fiction books for review purposes
  • Treats that cost £10 or less: food, drink, cosmetics, design, etc

I can’t guarantee that I’ll review every single item or service sent to me for consideration. Reviews must also be conducted in a fair and unbiased manner, with no interference from the promoter.


2) Provision of competition prizes

Another excellent way to gain exposure on this site is by providing a desirable competition prize. This will be publicised in the weekly site newsletter, and via social media (for example, @PennyGolightly currently has over 6,000 Twitter followers and high levels of social media engagement).


3) Sponsored posts with content written here in-house

I write the copy for all sponsored posts featured on, and insist on editorial freedom to ensure everything conforms to house style and contains information that’s useful for the site’s users. As a result, the sponsored posts on this site are popular and well read.

For the latest examples of sponsored posts, visit the Promotions section.


4) Other advertising such as banner or sidebar ads

These types of advertising could be made available to individual companies or a good quality ad network, as long as they’re tasteful and essential to the plot.


5) Collaborations such as product or event creation

If you really want to get creative, come on, let me know. Challenges accepted! I can curate your sale, or collaborate with you on a range or new product, for example.


>> For potential marketing, advertising or PR promotions: Send your proposals and enquiries over using the Contact us form and I’ll be in touch with you soon.