Windowsill kitchen garden: Week 9

Lots of lovely green growy stuff this week. My free alfalfa seeds arrived on Friday, so I soaked them overnight, rinsed them a couple of times on Saturday, and left them draining this morning in daylight. I hope they’re easy and quick to turn into sprouts – it would be an efficient use of the remaining space, which is now at a premium.

My other new addition is some closely-sown radish seeds to try growing them as microgreens:

The pot that was new last week is doing OK now – spinach at top left, rocket top right, land cress at the bottom:

Those Salad Bowl lettuces have revived after their recent strop:

While the spring onions have improved, I think they take too long to grow and probably use up too much space that could be given over to faster or more expensive crops.

Penny Golightly spring onions

My crazy beans got even crazier. I’m going to have to cut one of them back:

Cucumber plants doing really well:

The biggest chore of the weekend was pricking out all the tomato plants and potting them up. They all germinated, all grew OK, and all seem to be fine in their new pots. Which, I think, is rather unusual. Here are eight of the 32 surviving plants:

Something tells me I might have a few tomato plants to give away next month. Just a few…

Thinking about sowing anything, or buying some seedlings? What’s growing itself silly on your windowsill this week?

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