Windowsill kitchen garden: Week 12 and 13

It’s all been a little hectic at Golightly Towers for the past couple of weeks, so here’s a quick windowsill catch-up for you. One lovely thing that’s happened is that the garden’s going to be featured in Time Out next week, so look out for it if you’re in London and happen to wander into a newsagent’s shop around that time.

Meanwhile, we’ve had quite a few plates of salad, loads of herbs on our pizza and pasta and some more beans, and there’s an outside windowbox of goodies now too.

The usual suspects:

The windowbox of salads: 

Herbs going wild:

A cucumber plant that had to be repotted (with a few added peas, baby lettuce, pea shoots etc), which is already growing baby cucumbers:

Flowering tomato plants:

Chilis and sweet peppers making buds:

Indoor spinach, land cress and rocket ready to eat:

Beans, radishes and salad already eaten:

And say hello to my little friend – a fully loaded mini greenhouse….

…complete with monster courgette plant:

Are you growing any herbs or veggies at the moment? Any success stories or tips?

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  1. Inspired intirely by you, I’ve been growing my own veg too! I’ve had two pots of spinach and some spring onions in my paved garden, and the spinach has done amazingly well. I’m so proud! The spring onions aren’t getting as big as I’d hoped but they’re tasty chopped up in potato salad.
    Inside I have coriander and basil which are both doing ok, and I’m trying some garlic too. I did some pea shoots, but I ate them all. Oops. I’m about to move down South from the Midlands to a teeny flat (hello, Southern rental prices) with no garden (I have a paved one outside my house now) so I’m hoping to grow things on the window seat in our kitchen, providing the cat doesn’t get to them…I’m addicted now! Thank you for the inspiration 😀 x

  2. Gosh there’s some horrific spelling above…I’m ill and high on lemsip, that’s my excuse!

  3. Oh dear, you poor thing! Get well soon, and I look forward to hearing more about the move South and your new plants. P xx

  4. Can’t believe how healthy they all look – you, lady, are definitely of the green-fingered clan.

  5. Thanks Pog, it’s mainly because it’s a south-facing windowsill (and I try not to overwater them). Are you growing any kitcheny goodness yourself? P xx

  6. ‘fraid not – I don’t have windowsills in the teeny attic flat. I am considering putting some pots on the flat roof above me, but not until after the windows are sorted and my new kitchen is in (only been 5 years since I started thinking about it … musn’t rush these things).

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