Windowsill kitchen garden: Week 11

Spring has properly sprung on the windowsill, and the remaining plants seem very happy to be there. Perhaps now that most of them have been moved out to the greenhouse the others are getting more light and air. Last week the not-so-dwarf bean was flowering, this week it has baby beans on it:

Only a few so far, but let’s wait and see. On to the crazy cucumber plant, which is now sprouting lots of yellow flowers (which hopefully means┬áheaps of mini cucumbers starting soon):

Both those plants are getting too big for the windowsill, unfortunately. I think I’m going to have to get them into bigger pots and get them used to the great outdoors over the next couple of weeks.

The chervil and the dill have already been outdoors a few times, going back into the greenhouse at night. We’ve been eating them too.

The tomato plants are looking kind of scruffy, but apparently that’s normal.

The experimental pot with spinach, land cress and rocket is now growing quite well – the land cress is probably the happiest:

We have some nearly-there spring onions too:

As for the rest of it, the cut-and-come-again salad leaves haven’t grown back (surprise!), the second crop of pea shoots have grown back (slowly but surely), and the basil and parsley are very happy. We ate all the alfalfa (nicer than I remembered) and radish shoots, but might do some more next week.

Are you growing any herbs or veggies indoors? How are they doing?

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