Windowsill kitchen garden update: Late February

It’s time to get more growing on the windowsill, so my latest sowings are heat-loving plants that need relatively high temperatures to germinate and won’t mind the central heating and the South-facing location.

Since it’s only February I’m not getting ahead of myself, and am mostly growing plants that are likely to stay on the sill throughout the summer. This includes:

  • Sweet peppers (traffic light mix from last year)
  • Aubergines (Black Beauty from last year, and some free mini-aubergine seeds kindly donated by @Amberlaw via the magic of twitter)
  • Chilis (Cayenne and Hungarian Hot wax saved from last year, Serrano seeds pilfered from Wahaca at the weekend, and early Jalapenos where I went kerrrazy and bought some new seeds)

Apart from the Jalapeno seeds there’s been no real outlay. I mixed some leftover peat-free compost with sand to make potting compost, and I have pots and propagators to re-use from last year. Very thrifty so far.

Tomatoes can wait until next month, as the sunlight isn’t strong enough yet and I don’t want to end up with a load of spindly, leggy plants. There will probably be enough room for two of the cordon types if I rig up some canes and cables for them to grow up, and if they get too big for their boots then it’ll be easy enough to pinch out the ends of the vines.

The end effect is going to be like a mini greenhouse by the summer. Can’t wait.

Are you growing any food on your windowsill this Spring? Tell me all about it please.

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