What’s all this about then?

I’ve always loved a bargain and let’s face it, so does everyone else. Since becoming a freelancer it’s turned into more of a full-on love affair, especially when there’s not much work around or clients are slightly, erm, tardy when it’s time to put that cheque in the post. As they say, necessity breeds invention, so let’s get inventive.

Most people are feeling the pinch right now, but it doesn’t mean that you have to give up every single thing you enjoy, whether that’s eating out, looking chic, having a stylish home, or keeping yourself entertained. With a little imagination and creativity it’s easy to spend within your means, preferably with some insider info at your fingertips to help you find the latest deals and freebies.

While I am a great fan of some tried and tested methods such as haggling, writing shopping lists and saving up for more expensive items, I don’t think we should all be stuck in the past or subscribing to some sort of false nostalgia for the enforced austerity of the post-war era. No way! I adore the finer things in life – we all need a treat every now and then – and there are plenty of new tricks to help you get them.

If you’re a bon viveur on a budget, welcome to Penny Golightly. It’s going to be fun. Join in.

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  1. Hello Penny!

    As a fellow bon viveur on a budget I’m loving your Tweets – very handy! Here’s a bargain for music fans… At Argos at the moment you can get 2 x £15 iTunes vouchers for just £20, it’s an in-store only offer, and the offer ends on June 22nd so go get ’em! The catalogue number is 524/0755 and you can see details here:

  2. Hey fizzgig, thanks for the iTunes bargain idea, I’ll tweet it for everyone in the morning. Please come back next week when I hope to have set up the forums and fixed all the broken links!

    Penny G

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