What to buy out of season to save the most money

buying out of season

Buying items and services out of season can save you a small fortune. Demand is low, and shops and warehouses want to make way for more in-demand seasonal items, so you can get some real clearance bargains if you know what to look for.

A couple of small warnings though: if there’s anything you’ll be storing for a while, be certain that you have a safe, dry space to keep it in good condition, and that you have enough room to store it in the first place. Also, be sure you’re going to use stuff up before it goes past its safe eat-by date, or before it goes out of fashion.

The Buying Out of Season Calendar

These are the best months to buy specific out of season items, but there’s often some overlap for warm-weather and cold-weather goods.

  • JANUARY: Christmas cards, wrapping paper and tags. Christmas chocolates, Christmas cakes and puddings. Christmas and New Year decorations, centrepieces, tablecloths and serviettes. Bikinis, swimming trunks, summer sandals, linen clothes.
  • FEBRUARY: Turkey (technically in season all year round, but demand drops). Valentines cards, gifts and chocolates at the end of the month.
  • MARCH: Party dresses and accessories left over from Christmas and Valentines.
  • APRIL: Easter eggs, chocolates and decorations from mid-month onwards. Heavy knitwear.
  • MAY: Heavy knitwear. Thermal clothing. Winter sports gear and motoring items.
  • JUNE: Home insulation. Heaters.
  • JULY: Heavy winter coats and boots. Home insulation. Heaters.
  • AUGUST: Heavy winter coats and boots. Heaters. Office furniture, accessories and services.
  • SEPTEMBER: Seeds and plants.
  • OCTOBER: Fashion-led summer clothing, accessories and footwear.
  • NOVEMBER: Halloween decorations, outfits and sweets. Gardening equipment and garden furniture.
  • DECEMBER: Cooling fans for home or office. Picnic baskets, plates and cutlery.


So there we are: plenty of ideas to help you find an out of season bargain all year round.

Do you have any tips of your own to add? Let us know and we’ll keep adding them to the list.

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