What I’ve learned from the latest Tenner Week challenge

Tenner Week September October 2015 roundup

Last week’s £10 / Tenner Week budgeting challenge was a really, really good week. Lots of people joined in, and we had some excellent comments, ideas and tips from everyone this time around.

As promised, I made it in under budget. I ended up paying out for milk, butter, a couple of coffees, a mini cake and…er, half a bar of chocolate. Why so sheepish about the chocolate, you might be thinking? Well, it’s time to confess – I did a fail on the no-spend day.

Not my proudest moment, I’ll admit, and there’s no excuse really apart from having a moment of weakness. I’d worked during most of the weekend and was feeling a bit tired and sorry for myself, so decided to be a bit naughty and have a reward/treat. Anyway, that brought my total spending in at exactly £9.00 for the week.

The moral of this story is take more time off, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do next time we have a Tenner Week challenge. All work and no play is most definitely bad for you.

The budgeting itself was very useful, and it was good timing for me to cut back on general spending for a few days. My bank balance is certainly feeling and looking a lot happier for it.

Which reminds me, it was too long a gap between the challenge we’ve just completed and the one we held before that. I had quite a few people asking me for a new challenge, which prompted me to get it going. It’d be a much better idea if we could have them on a more regular basis.

To that end, I’m going to be doing another Tenner Week for the second week of November, and maybe theme it around getting ready for the festive season. It would start just after Bonfire Night / fireworks night, and be over in time for the start of party season, so that might be good timing. Let me know if you’re interested.

Finally, I missed the option of having a TV Diet this time around, and I really want to bring that back for the next Tenner Week. As always, it’s optional, but I think it would be nice to have the option – I always get loads more done during a TV Diet and find it clears my head and helps me focus more.

How did your Tenner Week go? Will you be joining in with the next one?

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  1. I started on my challenge a little bit late. It is now day 5 for me and it’s going really well.

    I did an inventory on the fridge and freezer and it turned out there was loads of food in there, enough to keep us going on this challenge for at least two weeks. So I’m going to continue into next week as well. This should save us quite a bit of money

    Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the challenge, I think this is something I will do regularly now

  2. Yes have another tenner week in November and I’ll definitely join in, this time I’ll make sure I can join in with it all!

  3. Hi Carolyn – good luck with your current challenge, and hope to see you for the group one in November!

    Hello Nikki – it’s going to be a good one in November, different theme to keep it interesting 🙂

    Penny x

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