What I bought in The Ordinary’s Slowvember sale

I have a rather complicated love-hate relationship with Black Friday, and it seems like DECIEM – the parent company of skincare brand The Ordinary – feels the same way. They’re actually closed on Black Friday and instead offer 23% off all their products throughout the whole of November, asking people to ‘walk, don’t run’ and shop slowly and thoughtfully.

This approach is very helpful, allowing shoppers to think purchases through and buy what suits them best. It also reduces the risk of panic buying and/or exceeding a budget, and makes it easier for the warehouse to cope with a period of increased demand. By the way, their shipping is now carbon neutral, and it’s free on orders over £25.00.

I like the company’s straightforward approach to their products, and here’s what I just stocked up on:

The Ordinary AHA 30 BHA 2 Peeling Solution

AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

Usual price £6.30 for 30ml, sale price £4.85. Find out more here.

This wash-off exfoliating peel has won stacks of awards, and it’s a weekly go-to for me in the Winter months. It contains glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids for a deep clean, and I find it to be very effective without upsetting my sensitive skin.

As with all exfoliants, you have to follow the safety instructions very, very carefully, and remember to use sunscreen afterwards in the daytime. If that sounds like it might be too active for your skin type, or you haven’t used an exfoliant before, the company make several other gentle alternatives.

Natural Moisturizing Factors and HA The Ordinary 100ml

Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

Usual price £6.80 for 100ml, sale price £5.24. Find out more here.

This moisturiser contains a variety of different ingredients to give emollient and hydrating support to the skin’s barrier, and it’s a fragrance free product. I use this when my skin’s feeling a bit irritable because it’s a soothing cream that isn’t full of active compounds. It’s particularly useful for applying after the peel I just mentioned.

Available in two sizes, 100ml and 30ml. It’s not my everyday or morning moisturiser as it has a slightly thicker texture than I usually prefer, but I like to keep some in stock because it’s so handy and functional. It mixes well with skincare oils too, for extra richness if needed.

The Ordinary Multi Peptide and HA Serum

Multi-Peptide + HA Serum

Usual price £14.30 for 30ml, sale price £11.01. Find out more here.

This used to be called Buffet, and I don’t think anything’s changed with the formula. It’s one of their best textured serums in my opinion, and very easy to add to most routines. I like it for smoothing, soothing and softening the skin, and plumping it up to reduce the appearance of fine lines – it seems to work as well as most peptide products that cost several times the price.

One of their absolute bestsellers, and with a loyal following. Have a peek at the reviews to see what other customers think. This also comes in a 60ml bottle which works out slightly cheaper per ml.

The Ordinary Sulphate 4 Cleanser for Body and Hair

Sulphate 4% Cleanser for Body & Hair

Usual price £6.80 for 240ml, sale price £5.24. Find out more here.

This is a gentle non-foaming cleanser that you can use as a shampoo or a shower gel. I like this for a fragrance-free wash that’s quick and easy, and not too drying. I also use it ‘off label’ as a simple face wash sometimes, on summer mornings, although those with dry skin types will probably want to try their squalane cleanser instead.

The main reasons I buy this are twofold: firstly, I really hate it when an overly-scented shampoo overpowers one of my lighter perfumes; and secondly, it’s very easy to decant and take travelling as a multi-purpose item that saves space. I do think it’s a bit spendy at full price, so I only buy it when it’s on sale.

A quick summary

The four products I added to my basket would normally cost a total of £39.20, but came to £30.19 with free P&P in the Slowvember sale, saving me £9.01. I’m pretty sure this is the best discount DECIEM offer on their products throughout the year too, and it doesn’t seem to apply at any of the other stores that stock The Ordinary.

One other thing you might like to know: DECIEM are discontinuing some of their other lines, including Hylamide and The Chemistry Brand, so if you have any favourite items among those they’re all in the sale too. They aren’t easy to see on the general website, but you can find all the remaining products here.


Have you tried The Ordinary skincare or other DECIEM products before? What are your favourites?

Disclaimer: Everybody’s skin is different and may respond differently to particular products and ingredients. Always do a patch test, and follow any safety instructions carefully. 

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