We won an award!

There’s been some excellent news at www.pennygolightly.com. The blog has just won an award, and I’m really delighted.

It’s a www.lovemoney.com ‘Most Loved Blog’ award. Thanks very much to them for picking this as one of their favourite personal finance sites – the PG blog hasn’t been going that long in real terms, so this kind of support is very encouraging indeed.

A massive ‘thank you’ is also due to everyone who’s helped with software, design and content management ideas (especially Pete), to everyone who’s given constructive feedback and shared their bargain tips, and to everyone who follows the blog or uses the forum.

Look out for a prize giveaway later which includes chocolates and other lovemoney.com and Penny Golightly goodies.

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  1. Thank you, Pog. Lovely to hear from you! How’s everything with you? P x

  2. Madly busy m’dear and haven’t managed to blog in weeks. Work driving me round the twist at the mo – but I’m fine really. x

  3. Glad that you’re pretty much fine, Pog. Do hope the work situation calms down for you a little in the near future though! P x

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