Wardrobe Week: Schedule and Day 1


It’s Week Two of our September Jump Start Challenge, and this week is all about getting that wardrobe ready for the coming months. Think of it as a new term wardrobe for grown ups, but with much nicer uniforms.

Here’s a quick schedule for the week. It runs from Monday to Friday, and there’s an optional one on Saturday if you’re in the mood.

Wardrobe Week schedule

Today’s activity: Wardrobe maintenance day

It’s still feeling very summery where I live, so let’s ease gently into getting ready for the start of Autumn rather than reaching right away for the thermals and warmest winter woolies.

All you have to do today is prepare three items that you already own so that they’re on standby for slightly cooler evenings or the occasional rain shower. It’s completely up to you what you decide to prepare today, but here are just a few ideas to try.

  • Dig out a trenchcoat or mac and give it a quick wash
  • Take down any light knits from storage and freshen them up
  • Add a new layer of waterproofing to a raincoat or waterproof jacket
  • Use suede or fabric protectant spray on shoes or boots
  • Give your favourite ankle boots a good polish
  • Wash or air mid-weight scarves or an Autumn hat
  • Take some tailoring or a coat to be dry cleaned
  • Mend or alter some Autumn clothing

As most of us will be having a sunny day in the UK, it might be a good time to get a few things washed, aired or dried to make the most of it.

As much as I’d like to hang on to the warmer weather, I do want to have a look at what I put away in the Spring and decide what I’m going to be wearing again from next month onwards. I think I’m going to dig out a large cotton scarf or two, and maybe a couple of long sleeve tops. That said, I’m not putting my bikinis and t-shirts away yet, especially if we get that predicted heatwave…

Which three items are you going to sort out today? See you tomorrow for some capsule wardrobe tips for beginners.

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  1. OK buff up my MJs, get out a beret and scarf and valet my little tweed jacket.

  2. I had a massive clear out of my wardrobe last night, and dug out an old, much loved, skirt that needs a new zip. I have no idea how to replace a zip, but I intend to find out!

  3. Dig out a black light coat for cooler nights or days, a pair of black thick tights, and a wollen scarf.
    Need to mend some stuffs this week in order to get ready for the capsule wardrobe

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