Valentine’s gifts for him under £10

valentines gifts under ten 10 pounds for him by penny golightly

Time for some thrifty but effective Valentine’s gifts for him – and they’re all under £10 too! Plus they might make a nice change as a present for any fabulously non-girly females, or just to have as a little treat for yourself.

Let the romance-on-a-budget begin!

1. Amazing whisky glasses and tumblers from Habitat’s newest ranges, prices between £2.50 to £8. Which might leave you enough left over to buy a whisky or brandy miniature from the offie as well.

2. Massage bars from Lush that are non-flowery and uplifting, including Percup (coffee, £6.50), and Shades of Earl Grey (bergamot, £5.95). And if that wasn’t good enough already, they’re against animal cruelty and pro decent treatment of women.

3. Habitat coffee mugs, prices £2.50 to £6. These all come with matching side plates and bowls, so you could put a whole breakfast set together too, with the cheapest trio coming in at £8.50.

4. Prince Charming shower gel from Lush, prices from £4.75 for 100ml. Includes lashings of fresh pomegrante juice, grapefruit and sandalwood oils for a long, hot shower.

5. Unframed art prints from John Lewis, prices £4 and £5. Add a cheap frame and you’re away. Could also double up as an unusual and totally fabulous Valentine’s card.

6. Chocolate porter from the Meantime Brewery, £1.87 for 330ml. Absolutely brilliant, delicious stout that can be served as a digestif or with dessert. Get some.

7. Whisky stones, £4.22 and free delivery at Amazon. Soak in water, then keep in the freezer to chill your drinks to perfection without watering the whisky down or altering the flavour. You could combine this gift with two of the dark grey Habitat tumblers and you’d still have change out of a tenner.

8. ‘You are my lobster’ Valentine biscuit by Eat My Cake, £7 at Not On The High Street. Sweet and funny without being sickly.

So there we go – which of these are your favourites, and is there anything you’ll be dropping a hint for?

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