Twitter cash chat tonight was amazing!

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to say a gigantic thanks to all of you who joined in with tonight’s Twitter chat about families, personal finance, kids and student money etc. You were amazing and the conversations we all had were brilliantly clever, wise and witty (I mean you were brilliant, not me – I was mostly just sat there gawping in awe at everything you said – oh, you know what I mean…)

If you missed anything, you can see all the related tweets if you head over to Twitter and look for the following hashtag: #cashchat

Meanwhile, I got myself into such a tweetly frenzy that I have exceeded my legal tweet limit for the day and I’m afraid to say that Big Daddy Twitter has taken my account away from me for the next few hours. Ooooops! That’s why I stopped tweeting and replying to everyone at 8.02pm. It isn’t ’cause I don’t love you, and I haven’t been carted off to rehab with nervous tweet-xaustion or anything along those lines either.

I’ll be back as soon as I can with more bargain goodness.

Well done to all the cash chatters and I’m so very, very happy with how the event went. Really hope we can do another one at some point because it was such an interesting, fun event.

Love and hugs,

Penny x

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