Treats under £10: Aldi’s posh ice popsicles

treats Under a tenner Aldi Alcohol Ice Popsicles review

It’s a brand new Treat Under a Tenner! This week’s affordable little luxury is Aldi’s new alcoholic ice popsicles, so it’s one for the grown ups. Yes, little frozen cocktails to hide away in your freezer for a cheeky nibble.

You can choose between Bellini flavour, made with real prosecco and peach, or Gin & Tonic flavour, made with real gin and lemon juice. They weigh in at 4.5% alcohol by volume so it will give you a nice authentic flavour rather than leaving you legless, but best to not let kids near them.

I liked both flavours when I tried them, you can really taste the peach, the prosecco and the gin, and it’s also nice that they aren’t filled with artificial colours etc. There’s enough sweetness to enhance the natural flavours and stand up to being frozen, but not so much that they turn into a sticky or overly-sweet mess.

They are just the right texture thanks to the recipe, so they don’t melt too quickly but they’re not going to break your teeth either. The packaging’s well designed too, making the popsicles easy to eat without getting cold fingers or any drips or mess.

You get four 80g lollies in each box, priced £2.99, and they’re available in store in the freezers at Aldi. All in all these are a bit of fun for relaxing in the garden on summery evenings, or for a light and refreshing dessert after a spicy meal.


Have you tried these Aldi cocktail popsicles yet? Do you have any other recommendations, or things you’d like to see reviewed in Treats Under a Tenner?


Full disclosure: Samples kindly provided by Aldi. All words and opinions my own.

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