Top summer supermarket wines under £10

Top summer 2023 supermarket wines under £10 bargain budget cheap award winning

Several big wine award organisations have announced their results recently, and it’s good news for bargain hunters who want delicious drinks to enjoy in the sunshine. Yes, some of the winners are expensive and hard to find, but this year’s crop also includes some top quality summer supermarket wines under £10 that’ve won gold medals and other prizes including great value awards.

Fancy some award-winning wines at amazingly low prices for your summer barbecue, garden party or picnic? Or are you just looking for something light, crisp and refreshingly affordable to sip when you’re relaxing on the patio? It’s all here – read on.

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Best new summer supermarket rosé wine under £10

Nothing says ‘it’s summer!‘ quite like a beautiful glass of rosé wine, but this is one of the most difficult categories of wine to search though if you’re looking for a true winner for under a tenner. Rosé wines are often overpriced and have pretty poor flavour profiles – the decent ones really take some finding!

The best rosés are ideal for enjoying with picnics, parties, BBQs and lighter meals during the warmer months. Have a look at these three medal winners for rosé supermarket wine under £10, starting with an IWC Great Value medal winner.

Rose wine summer supermarket wines under £10 cheap

Waitrose Loved and Found Sciaccarellu Rosé, 2021 | £8.99

  • IWC Great Value Rosé between £8 and £12, IWC silver medal 91/100.
  • Juicy notes of raspberry, delicate but intense flavour. Dry, tasty, ripe berries.
  • Serve: on its own or with seasonal salads, seafood, pork chops and barbecued chicken.
  • Buy here: Waitrose

PG Tip: Sold out already at Waitrose Cellar, but they’re still in stock at Waitrose Groceries (if you’re quick).

M&S Fleur de Lise Rosé, 2022 | £8.00

  • IWC Great Value Rosé £8 and under, IWC silver medal 90/100.
  • Crisp, dry and delicately fragrant with raspberry, redcurrant and white pepper notes.
  • Serve: alone as an aperitif or with grilled meat, fish, seafood and salads.
  • Buy here: Ocado by the bottle, M&S Wines by the case

Lidl Cabriz Dão Rosé, 2022 | £8.49

  • Decanter 90/100.
  • Portuguese wine with well balanced fruit and acidity, notes of peaches, redcurrants and herbs on the palate and an off-dry finish.
  • Serve: by itself, or with seafood, pork chops or veggie skewers.
  • Buy: in store only.

Best supermarket white wine under £10

It looks like 2023 is turning into a bumper year for superb supermarket white wines that cost less than £10, with a large number of affordable summery drinks winning gold medals and top value awards.

This is the supermarket shelf where you’re going to find most of the really amazing deals, so snap ’em up while they’re still around.


Summer supermarket wines under £10 white wine gold medal winners

Asda La Corriente Sauvignon Blanc | £7.00*

  • Decanter Gold Medal 95/100.
  • Bright and fresh, with notes of ripe citrus fruit, herbs and juicy passionfruit.
  • Serve with: grilled chicken, seared tuna, Caesar salad, grilled halloumi
  • Buy here: Asda

*PG Tip: On offer for £6.50 right now.

Aldi Specially Selected Adelaide Hills Sauvignon Blanc | £8.99*

  • Decanter Awards Gold Medal 95/100.
  • Dry, tangy and zesty with notes of pear and lemon, and a herbal, green apple finish.
  • Serve with: garlic prawns, shellfish, herby BBQ chicken, goats cheese, vegetarian dishes.
  • Buy here: Aldi

*PG Tip: Currently on offer for £8.49.

Tesco Paul Mas Languedoc Blanc, 2022 | £10.00*

  • Decanter Great Value Gold Medal 95/100.
  • A balanced wine with white peach and lemon flavours, floral aromas, low acidity, and a mineral finish.
  • Serve with: spicy dishes and smoked meats.
  • Buy here: Tesco

*PG Tip: Currently £8.00 for Tesco Clubcard holders.

Asda Extra Special Rueda, 2022 | £6.00

  • IWC Great Value White under £8 winner, IWC Silver Medal 93/100.
  • A fresh, fruity, citrussy wine made from verdejo grapes, with crisp acidity and tasty richness.
  • Serve with: vegetarian dishes, shellfish, BBQ chicken, pork sausages, chorizo and other cured meats.
  • Buy here: Asda

Lidl St Michael Mosel Riesling, 2022 | £5.29

  • IWSC Silver Medal 93/100.
  • Full-bodied off-dry wine, with notes of peach and apple, and a long, refreshing finish. Relatively low in alcohol, around 10%.
  • Serve with: spicy BBQ chicken, chilli prawns, thai fishcakes, pork chops, mushroom skewers.

Buy: in stores only.


Some more amazing silver medal-winning wines here at sensible prices. Stock up on these easy-drinkers if you’re having a get together, or just want a cheap mid-week bottle to have with dinner.

Co-Op Fairtrade Torrontés Chardonnay, 2022 | £5.85

  • Decanter Silver Medal 92/100.
  • Light and fresh white wine with refreshing acidity, floral nose, and citrus zest and tropical fruits on the palate.
  • Serve: by itself as an aperitif, or with vegetarian dishes, BBQ chicken, lightly spiced food, mature cheese or white fish.
  • Buy here: Co-op

Asda Torre de Lapela Vinho Verde | £6.00

  • Decanter Silver Medal 91/100.
  • A light, fruity and refreshing wine, with aromas of apple and honey, and peach and herbs on the palate.
  • Serve with: by itself as an aperitif, or with shellfish, young cheeses, poultry or salads.
  • Buy here: Asda

Asda, Yellowwood Mountain Chenin Blanc | £4.75

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100.
  • Juicy and fresh, with pineapple, green apple and honeysuckle notes, ripe fruit on the palate, and a mineral finish. Light and easy drinking bargain wine.
  • Serve with: seafood, salmon, tuna, salads, goats cheese, vegetarian dishes, Thai fish cakes.
  • Buy here: Asda

PG Tip: This popular wine also comes as a 2.25L wine box, making it even better value for parties. Or to just keep in the fridge for whenever.

Co-op Irresistible Gavi Broglia | £9.00

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100.
  • A light, dry wine with crisp and refreshing acidity, apple and peach notes, and a mineral finish.
  • Serve with: antipasti and nibbles, pasta, shellfish, white fish, cured meats.
  • Buy here: Co-op

Asda Extra Special Touraine Sauvignon Blanc | £8.00

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100.
  • Rich flavours of apple, apricot and lime, and a long, concentrated finish.
  • Serve with: seafood, barbecued fish, goats cheese, vegetarian food.
  • Buy here: Asda

Best summer supermarket red wine under £10

Now on to a few award-winning supermarket red wines under £10 for your barbecue or summer drinks party. The following wines have medium body, fruity notes, smooth tannins and a little acidity that will pair well with chargrilled foods, party nibbles, and, er, ‘picky teas’ in the back garden.


Red wines under £10 summer 2023 supermarket bargains for BBQ

Morrisons The Best Single Vineyard Pinot Noir | £10.00*

  • IWSC Silver Medal 93/100, Decanter Silver Medal 91/100.
  • Deliciously complex, elegant, strawberry-scented Chilean Pinot Noir with juicy fruit flavours and ripe tannins.
  • Serve with: sausages, salmon, BBQ chicken, veggie burgers, vegetable skewers.
  • Buy here: Morrisons

*PG Tip: Currently in Buy 6 Get 25% off deal.

Tesco Les Terrasses St Nicolas Cabernet Franc 2022 | £10.00

  • Decanter 92/100.
  • Medium bodied wine with some acidity, fruity aromas of raspberries and blackcurrants, light tannins and a fruity finish. Can be served at room temperature or lightly chilled.
  • Serve with: just about anything, including grilled chicken wings, barbecued red meats, pork sausages, charcuterie and cheeses, roast or grilled vegetables, and chargrilled salmon or tuna.
  • Buy here: Tesco

Asda Extra Special Pinotage, 2021 | £5.50

  • Decanter Silver Medal 91/100.
  • Intense and juicy Pinotage from South Africa, with rich ripe berry flavours, a touch of sweetness, balanced acidity and a bright finish.
  • Serve with: barbecue ribs, beef steaks and burgers, vegetable skewers, lamb kebabs, soya burgers – just about anything with a touch of smoke and charring from the barbecue. Also, pulled pork and cheese boards.
  • Buy here: Asda


These three red wines scored just one or two points less, but they’re very reasonably priced and will make great all-rounder BBQ heroes.

Asda Extra Special Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2022 | £6.00*

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100.
  • Dense and velvety tannins, and red cherry fruit on the nose and palate.
  • Serve with: rich and/or fatty foods such as BBQ hamburgers and other red meat, herby sausages, pepperoni and other charcuterie, bean burgers, mushroom skewers, tomatoey pastas and pizzas, cheddar and parmesan.
  • Buy here: Asda

*PG Tip: On offer this week for £5.50.

Tesco Finest Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 2020 | £7.00

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100
  • Rich medium weight wine, with flavours of juicy dark cherry and berry fruit, savoury spice notes, smooth tannins and a chocolatey finish.
  • Serve with: BBQ steaks, beefburgers, herby sausages, tomato pasta and any rich-flavoured foods.
  • Buy here: Tesco

Asda Extra Special Primitivo, 2022 | £7.00

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100.
  • A smooth drinker, with a touch of oak and smoke, and full of spicy blackberry flavours.
  • Serve with: barbecued meats including steak, chicken wings, lamb and burgers.
  • Buy here: Asda

Best summer supermarket sparkling wine under £10

If you’re looking for a real treat, or you want something for a special occasion, these two medal-winning French sparklers might hit the spot.

Best summer supermarket wine under £10 budget sparkling wines cheap fizz

M&S Cremant de Bordeaux Blanc Brut, NV | £10.00

  • IWC Great Value Sparkling under £12, IWC Silver Medal 93/100.
  • Dry French sparkling wine with floral notes, flavours of apple, berries and brioche, and an elegant finish.
  • Serve: chilled on its own or with salads, chicken and party foods
  • Buy here: M&S Wines by the case, or single bottles at Ocado (when on offer, otherwise £10.50 – a bit over budget here but still a bargain).

Asda Cave De Lugny Crémant de Bourgogne Brut | £13.00*

  • Decanter Silver Medal 90/100.
  • Fresh citrus and nectarine notes with a floral edge and a strong, fizzy mousse.
  • Serve: chilled as an aperitif, or to accompany any special meal.
  • Buy here: Asda

*PG Tip: Just squeaks in here because it’s on offer for £10 at the moment.

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That’s it for the best summer 2023 supermarket wines under £10 roundup. Hope you enjoyed finding out about these award winning bargain rosés, whites, reds and sparkling wines you can pick up right now for a tenner or less.

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