Today only: Approved Food has free Lucky Boxes

Here’s a quick offer for food and drink that has only just been announced, and I thought you might like to know about it. It’s valid for TODAY only, and runs until 23.59 this evening.

Approved Food free lucky box

You might remember that I reviewed the random contents of a Lucky Box from Approved Food last week, and was very happy with the results. That was a one-day offer I came upon just by coincidence, and it cost me just one pence for the whole boxful of food and drink.

Today is a new Lucky Box offer: If you spend over £30.00 at Approved Food*today, you get your Lucky Box completely free. Simply click on the offer and add it to your basket for nothing.

Lucky Boxes aside, shopping at Approved Food is an especially good way to stock up your storecupboard with essentials and treats while saving money on your groceries. I love them for things like rice, pasta, beans, cous cous, and canned and packet foods that I can reach for when funds are low to make filling and tasty meals.

Full disclosure: *affiliate link. I’m a genuine longstanding customer of the company, and am very happy to recommend them on the basis of low prices, interesting stock and excellent customer service.

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