Tidy the Store Cupboard Challenge Day 7: Head to the shops

Tidy the Store Cupboard Challenge Oct 2019 TidyTheSC Day 7

The final day of our current Tidy The Store Cupboard Challenge is all about stocking and re-stocking your pantry. Yes, it’s time to go grocery shopping.

After all the tidying up, chucking gone-off things into the food recycling bin, and maybe even giving away things you no longer like or want to charity / friends / neighbours, it’s possible that the cupboard might be somewhat bare. Or at least have some small or more significant gaps in it.

Look at your budget for stocking up or re-stocking. If it’s tiny, you still might be able to pick up a few useful items from the budget supermarkets, or from the cheaper supermarket own-brand ranges. Whatever you have to spend today, hunt around for good deals.

It’s up to you whether you go shopping in person or set up an online order today. If you’re shopping online you might like to do some price comparison via MySupermarket before deciding which retailer to place your order with.

If you go out to the shops yourself, unpack your groceries carefully when you get home and update your household inventory if you’ve decided to use one. Place your newer foods towards the back of your shelves to help rotate stock, and move any new frozen foods to the bottom of your freezer drawers.

That’s it for today, and it’s also the last part of our Tidy the Store Cupboard Challenge. I’ve been glad of the chance to get all my cupboards cleaned and tidied up, and I did a bit extra to go through the fridge and freezer as well. It’s been a good opportunity to look for gaps and start spreading the cost of Christmas too.

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