Three items you need in a transitional capsule wardrobe

Three items you need in a transitional capsule wardrobe

It’s that time of year again – the seasons are changing and the weather’s very up and down, sunshine one minute then cold and rainy the next. Here’s what you need to own to make a transitional capsule wardrobe work in the unpredictable British weather.

You absolutely do not have to buy lots of different items here. For versatility and cost effectiveness, I recommend just three investment pieces to see you through in style:

  • A goes-with-everything trench coat or mac
  • A sweater vest or knitted tank top
  • A good pair of everyday closed-toe shoes

You can find excellent options in all price brackets, and there’s something for every taste.

The trench coat or mac – a transitional capsule wardrobe classic

Marks & Spencer cotton rich longline trench coat

Whether it’s a cover up for springtime showers, or an extra layer against the Autumn breeze, you can’t go wrong with the light outer layer of a trench coat.

Wear it chic and smart over workwear, or as a relaxed, casual layer over jeans or a daytime dress. Pick the right one and it bridges more than one level of formality; the versatility is just what you need.

A good trench coat or mac should last you for several years, so it’s worth taking your time to pick the right one. Make sure there’s enough room in yours to fit over workwear or knitwear, rather than opting for the tightest fit, especially over the arms.

Colour is important too, so consider your skin tone, the rest of your wardrobe, and your personality. If in doubt, classic beige always stands the test of time, but there’s also the option of khaki, light brown, black or maybe navy blue for a different neutral.

A three-quarter-length trench coat is ideal for warding off a chilly wind or light shower, although you might prefer something shorter or longer for a fashionable twist. There are some great cropped macs around at the moment that can be added into your wardrobe instead of a biker jacket, for example.

Consider the level of detail that you want. The current trend is for clean lines and a minimalist look, but a few interesting or quirky details can make a simple mac look more like a designer piece. I always like to have one with a belt to cinch the waist in a bit.

Where to find the best trenchcoats & macs

It’s usually worth spending a little extra here on something you really love. It’s a classic item for a reason.

The sweater vest / knitted tank top – a transition piece for warmth & style

Marks & Spencer air yarn knitted vest tank top

Whether you call it a knitted tank top, a sleeveless jumper, a sweater vest or a throw-over, it’s so very useful to have one in your wardrobe. It’ll give you some extra warmth without full on overheating, plus it’s ideal for layering.

They look especially good over a shirt, with the collar peeking over the top of the knit. As the weather warms up a little they can be worn over a t-shirt or midi dress.

Not warm enough? Throw a long sleeved blazer or utility jacket over it for cosy arms. Too warm? Wear it on its own as a top.

Plain knits in neutral colours will give you the most wear, but traditional patterns such as Fairisle or stripes look great too and won’t date quickly.

I own a chunky knitted tank top in navy and love to wear it with jeans, or over a striped top or shirt with smart trousers. It also looks great over a shirt dress.

Alternatives to the sweater vest include a sleeveless cardigan or a tailored or boxy waistcoat. Both will give you extra looks as you can wear them unbuttoned or done up.

Where to find your perfect sweater vest / knitted tank

There’s plenty to choose from this season. Keeping it cosy has never looked so good!

Everyday shoes with a closed toe – transitional saviour in the rain or cold

Office Frenchkiss black patent two strap Mary Jane shoes

Our ‘great’ British weather is unreliable to say the least, so it’s good to have a pair of closed toe shoes that you’ll be able to get plenty of wear out of. Ideally they should be easy to walk in, and comfortable enough to wear all day, as well as expressing a bit of personality.

It depends on your lifestyle and where you work, but the main options to consider here are semi-formal shoes or a smart-ish pair of trainers. Think about the sort of clothes you generally like to wear from day to day, and what would look good with them.

Mary Jane shoes are currently having a moment, either flats or mid-heels, and they come in a range of fun colours as well as fashionista staple black. There are also some good looking slingbacks around, although they might be a little chilly if the North winds start blowing again.

If that’s not your thing, there are plenty of loafers, ankle boots, Oxfords, mules, clogs and sneakers to choose from.

It’s probably best to avoid suede when choosing your main pair of transitional shoes because of the high probability of rain, unless you don’t mind high maintenance footwear. Other than that, pick any material you like.

Where to find those just-right shoes & trainers

  • Aldo < look out for sales & offers
  • Asos < huge range of fashion footwear
  • Charles & Keith < fun shoes, reasonable prices
  • Clarks < well made work & casual shoes
  • Debenhams < plenty of choice, regular sales too
  • Fitflop < loafers, lace ups, trainers & more
  • Foot Locker < trainers as far as the eye can see
  • Footasylum < trainers, even more trainers
  • Joanie < vintage-inspired styles, sustainable
  • John Lewis < wide range of well known brands
  • Mango < kitten heels, moccasins, ballerinas etc
  • Matalan < budget picks
  • Next < good for work shoes
  • Office < designer looks, high street prices
  • Schuh < own brand bargains & famous names
  • Simply Be < plenty of wide fitting shoes
  • SoleTrader Outlet < discounted big brands
  • Zara < colourful flats

That should give you plenty of scope for finding some shoes or trainers you really love.

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What do you think is the best item of transitional capsule wardrobe clothing? Do you have any old favourites already?

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