GoodHome by B&Q new range

I attended B&Q / Kingfisher’s press show last week to have a good nosey around all the interesting ideas and services being rolled out over the next few weeks and months. This includes new ranges, design ideas, smart home tech-led products and even a new kind of shop (GoodHome by B&Q).

As we all know, doing your own home and garden projects can save you a small fortune and really improve your quality of life, so I was keen to go along and find out more.

GoodHome by B&Q

Now on to the B&Q press show, where they introduced their new GoodHome initiative which is parent company Kingfisher’s new global brand. GoodHome aims to simplify and de-stress the process of home improvement, and help customers create a home they feel good about. There’s also an emphasis on making this accessible to people on all budgets, aiming to offer high quality products and services at affordable prices.

GoodHome store front

As I had a look around it was clear that there was a scandi-type feel to much of it, with a less-is-more approach and attractively designed pieces to help create a relaxing home. There’s also tech innovation and consideration for the environment, from water-saving tap designs to non-toxic paint and smart home heating systems.

As you can see from the picture below, the GoodHome paint range has some really attractive colours to choose from, including several that look rather premium and designer-y. Could be a good way to get a chic look on a small budget.

GoodHome paint selection

GoodHome overview

GoodHome will be streamlined into the 11 most common types of home improvement projects, including:

  • Modernising an existing bathroom
  • Renovating an interior wall or ceiling
  • Renovating an interior floor
  • Refreshing the home interior
  • Improving heating efficiency
  • Creating and improving the home space
  • General home maintenance
  • Modernising an existing kitchen
  • Garden design and maintenance
  • Home security and automation
  • Project tools and equipment

GoodHome ergonomic bathroom design

I was particularly taken with their ergonomic and practical solutions for small spaces, especially bathrooms (above) and kitchens (below).

GoodHome compact kitchen design

The other must-see design area will be their attractive and well-priced lighting ideas (sneak peek below) which will be arriving over the next few months.

GoodHome lighting design preview

There’s also a designated GoodHome shop with an express format. The first is now open at Wallington near Croydon, with more due to open in the UK and France. There’s a relatively compact shop front area with product samples and inspiration and advice from skilled staff, and the ability to order products up from the extensive stockroom. This will be in contrast to the more usual experience of wandering around a large store by yourself.

I’d be very happy if a GoodHome store opened near us, and it looks like a convenient way to do a home improvement project on a budget. Would you shop somewhere like this?

Full disclosure: I’m not working with B&Q, Kingfisher or GoodHome in any capacity, just thought you might like to know about this new kind of shop.

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  1. This sounds ace – I need one of these new shops near me! My bathroom’s in dire need of some TLC but I don’t have much in the way of spare cash to sort it out.

  2. Hi Jackie, I reckon an express style store would be very handy, a bit like the Screwfix concept but more for general design. In the meantime you can find much of the GoodHome range in B&Q stores already so you might like to have a look at your local branch.

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