The SavvySpender Twitter party roundup

Hi again! I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who joined in with the Barclaycard Freedom Rewards Card #SavvySpender chat on Twitter last week. There were some very clever money saving tweets from you all, and it was great fun.

I thought you might like to have a little round up of some of my favourite comments from the evening, so here goes:

How to spend money wisely

  • @second_time_mum When grocery shopping we go for the value ranges on lots of items – they taste EXACTLY the same as the big brands
  • @oddbohemian not buying weekend newspapers saves you c£200 a year: plus you get more time at w/e to shop around
  • @Mummytraining27 since having my son I’ve signed up to loads of baby clubs and they all send vouchers regularly

Choosing appropriate family rewards

  • @missielizzieb An ‘experience’ probably – trip out, visit and attraction or a meal out
  • @Hertschick our favourite treat is definitely family time, all of us together is a rarity!
  • @halkerstone We say that the Pantomime is the reward for writing thank you cards – so have to be done by New Year’s Eve!
  • @DawsonJenn We simply don’t have enough left over for treats, we have to enjoy the little things now, you get used to it!

Sticking to a budget

  • @maggiebob I divide the money I have left (after bills/savings) by the weeks, and that gives me my weekly budget
  • @Janbagnall budget sheet, very detailed, dates & amts of all income and outgoings so you know where you’re up to
  • @Janbagnall Include some extras into the budget, allow for emergencies or treats if you realistically can’t do without
  • ‏@DawsonJenn Make lists and get organised! Go a brand lower on food to start with, get your receipts out, check your habits

Shopping intelligently

  • @veggiexperience [collect points] via online shopping, on petrol & everyday essentials. They all add up. We also get points on credit card
  • @Mummiafelice use supermarket points cards where possible. I save mine for Christmas food shopping
  • @Purpleella I use vouchercloud app on my iPhone, it’s fab! Also O2 has a similar app – I even got free cookies from them.

Shopping habits now compared to recent years

  • @spicers1976 our budget seems to have gotten tighter year by year
  • @Caroljs Me & my sisters have decided only presents for the children this year
  • @ButtonF1Fan I try to grow my own veg. Fruit trees & herbs. Chilli or peppers are good in kitchen window as not cheap to buy.
  • @SarahCru I’m cooking much more from scratch & with cheaper cuts of meat


Special thanks must also go to Jen from Mum at the Madhouse for being a brilliant co-host. Congratulations too to our 12 winners, who will each receive a £50 high street voucher.

There’s also a nice big Storify selection of tweets for the event with even more stuff on it, if you’d like to look at that too.

Full disclosure: I have requested a freelance fee from Barclaycard for time spent on this project.

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