The Christmas decorations are up…

Christmas decorations

Are you the kind of person who likes to get their Christmas decorations up the day after Bonfire Night, or do you always strictly wait until the 1st of December or the start of advent? Or maybe it’s not the first thing on your minds and you’ll decorate in your own time, whenever you get around to it (like maybe at the last minute)?

We usually decorate in the second week of December here, music blasting and cups of tea to hand, and we like to use a mixture of old and new decorations each year so we can follow current decorating trends without having to replace every single item. This works pretty well for us, and we don’t haul every single one of our favourites out of storage each time so there’s room for variety from one year to the next.

Some years we go traditional, others we go modern. What about you? This time around we have gone fairly traditional with a red, green, white and gold colour scheme, including a set of gold start lights and a set of red berry lights, but there are so many different themes to choose from this year. We also considered the eclectic rainbow trend and the frosted white trend, and there’s a full trend report (created by Festive Lights) over at All Things Christmas if you’re looking for some more inspiration.

As you can see here we’ve filled our favourite new bell jar with lots of sparkly baubles, crackers and garlands to create a one-off feature on the mantelpiece, and I really like how versatile that jar’s turned out to be – you can change the whole look of it so quickly by changing the contents. Sure, we could have done something tasteful with gold-sprayed pine cones but we had a lot of fun putting it together.

I’m thinking investing in some app-controlled lights at some point as well, such as the ones they have in stock at Festive Lights, as you can customise their colours and twinkling pattern to fit just about any decor type or colour scheme. That means you can get a good few years of use out of them by re-setting their look to be completely different each time you use them. It’d be like getting several sets of lights for the price of one.


Do you have a Christmas tree? What’s your favourite Christmas decorating trend or theme this year?


Full disclosure: Post created in collaboration with Festive Lights, with some information provided from a press release. Images include product samples.


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