Tenner Week: Wednesday

Today I took the afternoon off and made up for lost time. I blew the dust off the Wii Fit and did a workout, and followed that with a well-earned fried egg sandwich. For the sake of being healthy there was also an apple – jeez I’m getting bored of apples already – and an orange juice – ditto. And some multi vitamins.

The lack of planning ahead for lunches is really showing now, and I might even be grateful for that can of lentil soup lurking in the back of the cupboard. Then I went into town to go shopping with no money. I had a £5 Boots No7 voucher that I just couldn’t seem to spend. Turns out their only item below the £5 mark is stocked on the website where you can’t use the voucher, and not in stores. The only other things I liked the look of were either out of stock or too expensive and it wasn’t worth wrecking the budget for.

On to Topshop where I tried very very hard indeed to spend my £10 voucher, but couldn’t find any clothes I liked in their sale. Not very impressed with it this year, although previous seasons have been great. After a long look around pretty much the whole of their Oxford Street womenswear I gave up and went to look around the accessories. I was in luck, they have some good jewellery in the sale, along with some right tat. The only thing I really wanted cost £7, a pendant with tiny beads on it that looks several times more expensive than it really is. So I just got that and some change in return (not cheating though, the change can’t be spent this week).

When I got home my home made pizza dough had finished defrosting so I rolled it out and topped it with tomato puree, sliced fresh plum tomatoes, the last bit of onion, fresh windowsill herbs, some sliced economy mozarella and a few capers and bits of artichoke from jars in the fridge. The Beau added salami to his half as well. That’s the great thing about making your own pizza: you can chuck any old leftovers or bits and bobs from the fridge onto one and it’s going to taste good. There was a side salad of yellow tomatoes and basil too.

I drained off a can of pineapple in natural juice and that went into the oven at the same time, topped with flaked almonds, brown sugar and the last few drops from a bottle of vanilla rum. We had that for dessert with a spoon of vanilla ice cream on the top. Think that’s my five a day sorted.

Then it was time for a bit of telly. We watched a recording of Terra Nova, which I wish I hadn’t wasted one of my precious hours on as I’m convinced there will be other things I’d rather watch at the weekend, and the last episode of  The Fades which I don’t regret at all. Well done BBC3. Rationing your TV intake does change the way you view programmes quite a lot, and it makes sitting down to watch into a bit more of an event, which is more enjoyable.

Managed to get a bit of pampering in as well, with a manicure and pedicure. I’ve put a deep treatment on my hair, wrapped a towel round it and am off to bed soon too. Hoping that an overnight treatment will take the sting out of the fact that I’m just about to run out of conditioner and would rather spend my last few quid on coffees and beers with friends. Sorry, hair.

Spent today: £0.00

Total spend: £1.03

How did your Tenner Week Wednesday go? Any luck?


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  1. Thanks Tamsin – it’s a challenge but hopefully we’ll get there 🙂 My new necklace is really pretty, the sale’s good for accessories…

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