Tenner Week: Tuesday

After a slightly inauspicious start to the week, I decided that today was definitely going to be a no-spend day. I was working from home and didn’t really need anything urgently so figured it was reasonably do-able.

My mid-morning coffee on a day like today is usually taken in a a nice nearby cafe where I can also get some work done on my netbook. It’s a good change of scenery and I know the staff so it’s nice and sociable too. This time I had a proper coffee at home made in a cafetiere, and it tasted pretty good. However I did end up feeling kind of cooped up in the office.

I decided to go for a very long walk at lunch time, as the weather was beautiful and because I thought I’d try my hand at foraging. After over an hour of searching around a local park and several nearby streets it was time to admit defeat. I was looking for blackberries but for some reason the local plants had produced microscopic or red mouldering fruit. Probably due to the strange weather we’ve had throughout the summer.

Anyway, I only found about ten edible berries in total, so I was a bit naughty on the way home and scrumped one of the many ripe passion fruits hanging down into the street from a neighbour’s plant. The plant is a Passiflora caerulea, so the fruits are edible and safe – they aren’t nearly as fragrant and delicious as the proper purple-skinned ones but the red caerulea contents were nice enough. In total I think this made up one of my five a day.

Got home and had a quick lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and an apple, with a glass of orange juice. Then it was back to work time, keeping myself busy for the rest of the afternoon. Unfortunately the neighbours on one side were doing their usual half-term trick of keeping their kids stuck in their living room for the whole day, so there was an awful lot of screaming, fighting and general noise. I put up with it today, but tomorrow I’ll have to go out. This might wreck the budget, but I can’t not work…

Was supposed to go out tonight as I’d been offered free tickets for a show, but I feel a bit like I’m coming down with something buggy so I’m going to have an early night instead. Then, possibly stupidly, I did 200 sit-ups while the evening meal was cooking. Might regret that tomorrow.

Dinner was quick and easy baked potatoes with the last of the black beans from yesterday and some grated cheddar on top. I made a side salad too with tinned sweetcorn, half a chopped red pepper that was lurking in the bottom of the salad crisper, a big handful of parsley from the windowsill and some home made dressing. It was lovely comfort food, and made me wonder why I don’t have this sort of thing more often. Think that’s five a day today as well – in your face, scurvy.

Haven’t done any thrifty chores today, so will have to remedy that tomorrow. Listened to lots of excellent music for John Peel Day though, read bits of two business books, and haven’t watched any rubbish telly. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Total spent today: £0.00

Total spent this week: £1.03

How’s your Tenner Week shaping up?


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