Tenner Week: Thursday

Midday today was the half way point of Tenner Week, and I had a very decadent lunch of scrambled eggs on toast with fresh herbs and truffle oil. While truffle oil might not sound like a cheap ingredient, it’s very good value for money if you buy it from the right retailer, such as a non-posh Italian market stall rather than a fancy supermarket. Mine cost £8.00 for a 250ml bottle and it even has a slice of white truffle at the bottom of it. A few drops are all that’s needed to turn an average dish into something very special indeed. Also, the eggs were about to go off and they needed using up.

Following the truffle-y eggs I had a glass of pineapple juice. Yes, you’ve guessed it, I was sick of having orange juice every day so I’d saved the natural juice I drained off the canned pineapple yesterday. I also had an apple, but this time it was a green apple I foraged from the railway sidings, plus a handful of juicy fresh blackberries that were growing nearby.

At this point it is time to confess that I didn’t do any thrifty chores today, or any exercise. I was caught up in work and basically took my eye off the ball. Will make up for it tomorrow, promise. In the blink of an eye it was time to head out to join The Beau for dinner.

We had £30 of Wagamama vouchers to use up, and oh boy did we spend them. We were given them in the first place because we had a really poor dining experience at a far flung branch of the chain a couple of weeks ago. We politely complained and the very next day they contacted us, apologised, and offered us vouchers. We were very impressed by their dilligent customer care, and knew we’d be happy to give them another go (at a different branch). The meal tonight was lovely, perfectly cooked and served, and in the end we spent a little more than the £30.

I chipped in £5 to cover the tip and the extra few pence-worth of food, and in return The Beau is buying me fish and chips tomorrow.

Today’s spend: £5.00

Total spent: £6.03

Am I going to get through the rest of the week with my remaining £3.97 and one hour of telly? It isn’t going to be easy…

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