Tenner Week: Sunday

It’s the last day of Tenner Week and I’ve had to resort to digging out sample sachets of conditioner so that I can wash my hair. Will definitely be buying a proper bottle of the stuff tomorrow, it’s getting silly now.

The thrifty chore that needed doing most today was sorting out the kitchen garden, so I’ve ‘retired’ more wilted plants and rinsed out their containers. I’ve also chopped up old pea and bean plants and mixed them back into their compost, and sowed white mustard seeds on top to recycle everything for use in the Spring. The white mustard makes ‘green manure’: it adds fibre and other organic matter to the soil, keeps weeds down and stops the fixed nitrogen from the legume roots being leeched away.

We had lentil soup for lunch. Yes, that can of the stuff I didn’t fancy from the back of the cupboard. Except that I’d worked up a real appetite by then and was very glad of it.

The plan was to then go into town with The Beau and visit a gallery or museum for free, and use up our full coffee loyalty cards to get free coffee afterwards. Unfortunately there were no trains running and the replacement buses were a joke, so we just had a walk round the neighbourhood, recycled some cardboard and old clothes, and tried out a new cafe that’s recently opened to have a cuppa. Okay, not as exciting as we’d hoped, but we can make up for it next week.

When we came home I did some reading and listened to music, and we got the house ready before the working week started. Looking forward to getting all those book reviews finished soon. I also decided to spend whatever I had left at the end of the week, so I bought a few seeds on eBay to plant next year.

Running out of television time on a dark, drizzly Sunday is a bit of a pain, although I did work out that I was one minute under the allotted three hours since I’d watched everything as a recording and therefore avoided the ad breaks and end credits. Normally we’d settle down after dinner and watch a DVD or a Blu-ray, but one night out of the ordinary won’t hurt.

We’ve had a mini version of a Sunday roast this evening, with a chicken joint and a Quorn steak from the freezer with fresh thyme, and roast potatoes with fresh rosemary, and garden veggies. For dessert I baked the remaining apples, cutting a wide cone shape out of their tops and filling them with mixed dried fruit, chopped nuts, cinnamon, brown sugar and a little butter. Very, very tasty.

Today’s spend: £2.59

Total spent (weekly total): £9.62

It hasn’t been the easiest of weeks but I made it through without overspending, and we certainly didn’t starve. Apart from this evening, it’s been a nice break to get far, far away from the telly too, although I have missed films. The hardest thing has been the way it’s affected my social life, but people have been understanding and it’s only for a week after all.

If you’ve been doing a Tenner Week of your own, how did you get on?




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  1. Tuesday
    Breakfast – a one egg omelette with a little grated cheese
    Lunch – Home made lentil and tomato soup from the freezer
    Dinner – Sausage one pot from the freezer.

    I tend to cook more than I need and freeze in portion sizes so always have a well stocked freezer (currently too well)
    To hospital for blood tests today, walked so no extra fare

    Breakfast – one egg omelette
    Lunch – 4c’s soup from freezer
    Dinner – cheesey chicken from freezer
    Meeting friend for lunch but ate in the staff kitchen area so no cost there

    Breakfast – one egg scrambled
    Lunch – stir fry from freezer
    Dinner – home made pizza with pesto (homemade) and mozzarella
    Out for farewell drinks in the evening, had a half pint of Porter £1.30 other drinks bought for me
    Total spend so far this week £1.30

    Day off today, sorting through cupboards and broken jewellery to raise a bit of much needed cash. Also discovered that a scumbag who I did some freelance training for has not paid me and now won’t contact me he owes me £900 so not happy and not sure how to deal. (not including this as a cost though LOL)
    Found enough jewellery to raise about £200 this will go towards the car tax and I will use the stones when I create some other pieces.
    Breakfast – 2 weetabix
    Lunch – home made bread with cheese
    Dinner – Jacket potato with beans and cheese

    Breakfast – 2 weetabix
    Lunch – home made quiche from freezer
    Dinner – Home made meat and potato pie from freezer with some frozen vegetables from the allotment
    Had to buy a bag of potatoes today £1 in co op. 20p on sweets for grandson
    Spent day knitting as I need to get this cardi made for my daughter’s Christmas pressie
    Total today £1.20 total for week £2.50

    Spent day photographing clothes to sell on a well known auction site, never done this before so will be an experience. Did a bit more knitting.

    Breakfast – boiled egg with toasted soldiers
    Lunch – Baked camembert with homemade yoghurt soda bread
    Dinner – Chicken casserole from freezer
    Freezer is still well stocked but fridge is empty in fact I don’t think I have ever had so much space in my fridge.
    So it is fairly easy to live on a tenner a week if you have a well stocked cupboard, fridge and freezer, I doubt I would fare so well if I did not continually cook and freeze.

    Total spend for week was £2.50

  2. Hi DaisyMae – wow, nobody eats badly in your house do they? I think £2.50 is also a record low spend! I’m very impressed that you recycled and were so creative, and got lots of things ready to sell too. Looks like you had quite a busy week, all in all.

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