Tenner Week Spring Clean Feb / Mar 2018: Thursday

Tenner Week Spring Clean Feb 18 Day 4

We’re now more than half way through the week, and today’s activity is to Tackle the junk drawer. However tidy we might be, there’s always a spot in just about any hope where random stuff just…collects. After a certain point it tends to start getting in the way too.

It’s commonly a drawer in the kitchen that ends up full of assorted nick-nacks, but it can also be a hall table, a shelf, an office drawer, a pile of paperwork, a storage box, a letter rack, or anywhere in your home where things might start building up.

So let’s do a quick declutter of the junk drawer:

  • Take everything out of the drawer (or out of the box / off the shelf / out of the letter rack etc)
  • Clean the drawer, wipe down, allow to dry if necessary
  • Sort the drawer contents into four piles: keep here, keep but move, throw away / recycle, and give to charity
  • Add organisation to the drawer if needed, such as boxes, files or drawer dividers
  • Put the things from the ‘keep here’ pile back in the drawer
  • Take everything in the ‘keep but move’ pile and put it away where it really belongs
  • Put everything in the ‘throw away / recycle’ pile in the bin, the shredder, or the recycling bin
  • Bag up anything in the ‘charity’ pile and take it to the collection point before the end of this weekend

This way, things will stay organised for a lot longer, and the junk / mess won’t just get moved around inside your home.

What kind of small scale declutter will you try today? By the way, if you’re too busy / tired to do any of these midweek tasks, you can catch up with them at the weekend because they’re all quick and can be fitted together.


What’s happening here

I’m really looking forward to turfing everything out of the kitchen junk drawer and sorting it all out. Oh yes, can’t wait. It’s been getting a bit too full recently, so a good clean and tidy up will make it so much easier to find the important stuff when I’m in a hurry.

Yesterday was a third no spend day for me, so the budget’s going well so far. Mind you, it’s easy to avoid shopping if you have a menu set up, and you don’t fancy going out to the shops in the snow. It certainly makes small scale frittering much easier to avoid.

We might be snowed in / working from home today, so we’ve given up our free cinema screening tickets for this evening as it looks like it will be tricky getting home. Guess we’ll be looking for a movie on Netflix instead, so it’s not the end of the world. Hope you’re all keeping warm and toasty.

Total spent so far: £0.00.


How much of your £10 do you have left? Are you still doing okay with your food stocks and menu?


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