Tenner Week Spring Clean Feb 2018: Tuesday

Tenner Week Spring Clean Feb 18 Day 2

Welcome back to the Tenner Week Spring Clean challenge. Today’s activity follows on from yesterday’s ceilings-and-lights cleaning session, and today you have the choice of Pictures, mirrors or windows.

We’re working our way down the walls now, to eye height or so. It’s up to you how much or how little cleaning you decide to do today, but try to pick an activity that you can complete from start to finish in a few minutes, and ideally less than an hour.

Think about how much time you have to spare today, and any specific tasks that need to be done in your home. Then pick one or more of the following:

  • Dust / wipe pictures and picture frames & clean their glass
  • Clean all wall mirrors & bathroom cabinet doors with glass cleaner / spirit vinegar
  • Dust any mantelpieces
  • Dust / wipe blinds or indoor window shutters
  • Take down and wash one set of curtains or voile panels / nets
  • Clean indoor windows, window frames and windowsills in one or two rooms
  • Clean the tops of wardrobes, wall cupboards or bookcases
  • Dust / wipe the top of any indoor door frames
  • Dust /wipe the leaves of house plants
  • Dust shades, light bulbs and bases of any wall, table or standard lamps

Don’t try to do everything on the list above, only choose tasks that can be easily managed and completed in one cleaning session. The idea is to fully finish whatever you decide to do, so there’s a sense of satisfaction and a job well done.

What’s happening here

My spring cleaning got off to a decent start yesterday when I dusted all the ceilings, light fittings and high corners in the house. I also got a little ahead of myself and dusted the tops of the door frames and the tops of the blinds and curtains. Today I’ll be dusting picture frames and cleaning mirror glass, as well as tackling at least two of the downstairs windows, time permitting. After looking through the existing cleaning supplies I’m not sure whether we have enough window cleaning spray to do all the windows, so I might end up doing some the old fashioned way with spirit vinegar and old newspaper… Let’s hope not though, because we’re due for some bad weather according to the forecast and I don’t fancy leaving the windows open.

The food situation is going well so far, and yesterday I managed to put together a decent menu for the week without any worries – made much easier by the Sunday Stocktake exercise. Yesterday we had fajitas with leftover chicken for Beau, and some grilled quorn for me, and used up our remaining lettuce and tomatoes before they went off. It was a good, tasty meal with a shake of jalapeno sauce on each one, and it’s prevented the most perishable foods from going to waste too.

I’m hoping to have another no-spend day today, with a cheap night in at home after yesterday’s exercise class, and we’ll be using up some more of the fresh and unfreezable food that’s in the fridge. I’m not doing the TV Diet this time around, so it might be time to keep warm and catch up on some shows.

Total spent so far: £0.00


How’s your spring cleaning coming along? What’s your budget looking like on Day Two?


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  1. Dear Penny,
    Went to the doctor yesterday. I am dead sick with this freezing cold. Got a nice sunday flu. Time to rest and read this marvelous book ” The no spend year” by Michelle Mac Gagh, perfect for the ongoing challenge.
    Doing the dusting later on this week-end when better.
    Love Pat

  2. Hiya Pat,

    Oh dear, that doesn’t sound good – rest up and get well soon. Let us know if you like the book please, I follow the author on Twitter and she seems nice.

    Penny x

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