Tenner Week Spring Clean Feb 2018: Monday

Tenner Week Spring Clean Feb 18 Day 1

We had an optional Sunday Stocktake yesterday, and the official Tenner Week challenge starts today. This time the theme is ‘Spring Cleaning’ – full schedule here if you need a reminder – and today’s activity is called Ceilings and lights.

When you’re doing a spring clean there’s often a long, daunting list of of tasks that need to be tackled. It tends to be easier to break it down into smaller activities so you can do a bit each day, and have the satisfaction of being able to properly complete each separate task instead of feeling overwhelmed.

To make things even easier, you can save plenty of time and stress by starting at the top of your rooms and working downwards over the next few days. Gravity is your friend… So we’re starting at the very tops of the rooms in our homes.

It depends on what your house is like, and how much cleaning is needed, but today’s Spring Clean activity should be fairly quick and easy to complete. Here’s what we’re doing today:

  • Dusting ceilings and upper corners of the rooms
  • Wiping / dusting ceiling lights
  • Older houses: dusting cornices, ceiling roses, high picture rails or plaster mouldings
  • Dusting the tops of curtain rails or blinds

You can usually do this at quite a pace, and it’s mainly about blowing away the cobwebs (if there even are any). It’s a good brisk start to the week, and we’ll be working our way down the walls and windows later.

Always remember, safety first. For example, switch lights off and let them cool before touching them, and be careful if you’re standing on a chair or using a ladder.


What’s happening here

I’m looking forward to getting this dusting activity out of the way, before tackling other jobs later this week. My plan is to have a no-spend day today so that I can conserve my budget, and to write up a full menu from things I have in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.


Are you going to be joining in? It feels like a good time to do some cleaning and cut back on the everyday spending.


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