Tenner Week Spring Clean 2016: Day 7

Tenner Week Feb 2016 Day 7 Penny Golightly

It’s the final day of our Tenner Week Spring Clean schedule, and our seventh and final activity is called Shut the front door! We’ve concentrated on cleaning the inside of our homes, and now it’s time to top all that off my cleaning part of the outside.

The front door of our own home is not something we tend to think about much, and it’s usually ignored while we’re in transit. We rush in, and we rush out. There is, however, something to be said for giving what’s on the doorstep a quick clean. If nothing else, it makes our home a little more inviting for our visitors.

Here’s the quick Spring Clean:

  • Sweep or dust away any dirt or cobwebs around the top of the door and/or in a porch area, if you have one.
  • If the door has a lot of grit or grime on it, wash it down with a brush or sponge. For lighter amounts of dirt, just give the door a wipe.
  • Clean any glass panels with glass cleaner or distilled vinegar.
  • Clean metalwork such as letter boxes, door numbers or handles with non-abrasive cleaning products.
  • Shake out the doormat, if you have one.
  • Sweep out the doorstep or porch, if you have one.

There you have it – a very quick and easy process to help make your house feel sparkly clean. We left one of the easiest things until last so that Sunday wasn’t too difficult.

I’ve managed to clean the front door here, inside and out, including the mini-porch bit that turned out to be a bit spidery. It felt like a full stop to the week’s schedule, and it’s nice to have closure on it all by physically closing a door on everything. If only everything in life was this simple, eh?

How is your Tenner Week budget stretching?

As I’ve already managed to spend £9.10 of my £10 budget, today’s been designated as a no-spend day. We’ve been doing DIY around the house, as well as some more general Spring Cleaning and it’s going to be a getting-things-done day.

As the house has been systematically cleaned, I’ve discovered several new DIY jobs that needed doing. Some of these have been tackled as I’ve gone along, but others will have to wait as they need paint, wood filler and glue that we don’t currently have in stock.

Last night we had Tex-Mex food, which used up things from the storecupboard and freezer, and I also turned some overripe tomatoes into a tasty salsa. It’s amazing how many bits and bobs from the bottom of a fridge can happily be turned into a filling for flour tortillas.

Tonight we’re using the last of a lot of ingredients up to make a mini roast dinner, which will hopefully bring this latest Tenner Week challenge to a relaxing end.

Did you get any Spring Cleaning done this week? How has your budgeting gone over the last seven days?

Let us know how it worked out for you, and what your challenges and success stories were.

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  1. What a great reminder Penny, I don’t think I’ve EVER cleaned my front door! Outrageous, I know!
    I’ve just given it a good sponge down and I’m ashamed to say the water in my bucket was black by the end of it. Those car exhaust fumes seem to leave an invisible grime over the whole surface so thank you for getting me to sort it out.
    I’m also ashamed to say that I failed this tenner week. I started off well but then caved in on Thursday and went out for coffee and cake with the girls. Coffee and cake then became wine and tapas. Oh dear. Next time I’ll be better. Promise! x

  2. Ha ha, Jackie! Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again – with less wine and peer pressure 🙂

    We’ll have another Tenner Week later this month if you want to join in.

    Penny x

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