Tenner Week Spring Clean 2016: Day 4

Tenner Week Feb 2016 Day 4 Penny Golightly

Time for Day 4 of our latest Tenner Week budgeting challenge, where we’re living on a budget of £10 per person for the week and getting some Spring Cleaning done at the same time.

Today’s mini cleaning activity is called Get a handle on it. Time to bust grime on those door handles and latches, people. Let’s go!

The handles on doors, drawers, cupboards and fridges can get really grubby, and it’s easy to forget to clean them. As they’re often high traffic or near to food it’s usually best to use an effective cleaning product that can remove grease and kill bugs.

  1. Choose a room where you’ll be cleaning all the handles.
  2. Wipe all around the handles with a cloth dipped in a little cleaning fluid.
  3. Wipe over the area again with a clean, slightly dampened cloth.
  4. That’s it – but don’t forget things like: fridge door, freezer door, handles on bathroom cabinet, toilet flush handle, etc etc

If you’re feeling brave, do all the handles and latches inside your home. Alternatively, add in the fronts of kitchen cupboards and drawers, or clean the light switches around your home as well.

I’m cleaning kitchen handles, drawers and cupboard fronts this evening. Wish me luck!

How’s your budget looking?

It’s been a busy few days, and I bought a light lunch out yesterday which has eaten far into the tenner. That means being pretty sensible for the next few days and no more trips out unless they’re 100% free.

We still have lots of groceries left and I’m making bangers and mash for dinner with loads of onion gravy. Can’t wait.

How’s your Tenner Week budget looking? Spent any money on anything yet?

Tweet me a picture of your Tenner Week meals or your Spring Cleaning! It’s #TennerWeek and #SpringClean for the hashtags to make sure they get seen.


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