Tenner Week Spring Clean 2016: Day 3

Tenner Week Feb 2016 Day 3 Penny Golightly

Welcome to Day Three of our latest Tenner Week Spring Clean schedule. Today’s mini clean activity is called We get the picture, so let’s speed through it.

Picture frames and mirrors often gather dust or get a little grubby. Today, if you’re in a hurry, you only need to give everything in one room a quick clean.

  1. Dust the top of picture frames and mirrors, if you haven’t already done this on Monday.
  2. Wipe gently over the glass and the rest of the frame with a soft, lint-free cloth.
  3. If there are grubby marks on the glass, use a tiny amount of window cleaner fluid on a cloth to clean them off. Take extra care not to get painted, inlaid or ornate frames wet.
  4. If metal frames look tarnished, add metal cleaner to your shopping list.
  5. For grubby TV screens, gently clean the affected area with a glasses wipe – use minimal product and rubbing as it’s very easy to damage the coating on the surface.

If you’re feeling brave, or you have a little more time, clean all the pictures and mirrors in your home, or clean tarnished metal frames with a specialist cleaning product.

I’ll be cleaning all pictures on the ground floor here as some of them need a quick dust. I’ll also be cleaning the mirror over the fireplace and the one in the bathroom. Should take about ten minutes or so, all in.

How’s the budget going?

Yesterday we had a pre-paid meal, and we’re having another one tonight. It’s a bit weird doing a Tenner Week and having a nice meal that you’ve paid for in advance, but it’s allowed by the Tenner Week rules so it isn’t cheating. If it’s already booked and you’ve paid for it in advance, don’t waste it! That goes for event tickets too.

It’s been very tempting to buy coffees, snacks and glasses of wine, as there’s a lot going on. It’s ‘snack bars and flask’ at the ready though.

How’s your budget and menu going? Do you have anything on this week where you’ve paid for it in advance? What’s your Spring Clean looking like so far?


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