Tenner Week Sept 2015: Day 7

Tenner Week September 2015 template Day 7

We’ve nearly made it – today is the final day of our current Tenner Week budgeting challenge. How are you doing so far? Think you’re going to make it right through to the end of the seven days? Today is handy if you’ve almost run out of cash, because we’re having a zero spend day.

That’s right, we’re going to try to get through the whole day without spending anything out of our personal £10 budgets. This might be easier on a Sunday, as you can often arrange your day exactly as you’d like.

Here are a few things you could try:

  • Have a home spa day
  • Have a box set marathon of your favourite movies or shows
  • Curl up with a book
  • Do a home blitz: cleaning, DIY, gardening, laundry
  • Get creative with art or craft material you already own
  • Do some free fitness activities
  • Picnic in the park

What I’m up to

Having been just a bit busy recently, Golightly Gardens is in need of a little domestic ‘bliss’. I’ll be doing a harvest of fruit and vegetables, turning over the plot, and sowing up some winter greens and salads. Here’s hoping the weather holds long enough to get all that done.

Money spent yesterday: 50p on milk, and £4.50 on a really nice coffee and a fairy cake with passion fruit icing. It was delicious, that cake. Is it just me or do things taste better when you prioritise your spending? We also cashed in an M&S voucher for some nice food.

Total spent so far this week: £8.50. Fingers crossed that this is the total spent for my entire Tenner Week, as I’m planning on having a zero spend day today.

Over to you

How are you going to make the most of your zero spend day? Any tips for anyone who could benefit from your bright ideas or experience? Please share.

Are you on track to end your Tenner Week within budget? How well did you do so far?


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  1. I think I’m going to manage a no spend Sunday too – we’ve got some chicken in the freezer and there’s still a few potatoes left to roast so we’ll be having them for dinner. Cheese toasties for lunch with the last of the bread and cheese, so I think we’re sorted.

    So far I’ve spent £7.49 this week, some of that was on coffee (couldn’t resist) and the rest on a couple of bits of fruit to stave off the hunger pangs I got at work on Thursday!

    We’re going to go out for a walk in the sun after lunch so may treat myself to a shandy in the pub with my last £2.51! Will you forgive me for that?!?

    It’s been a good week overall though. Having the challenge of sticking to a tenner has really curbed my frivolous ways. I usually easily spend £20-£25 on stuff I don’t really need during the week, and as we’re saving for a deposit on a flat at the moment, every penny saved counts.

  2. Easy peasy one today, sport on the telly box all day, curry is waiting for us in the fridge, maybe a small amount of house puttering, an afternoon nap if we can squeeze it in.

  3. While I didn’t do Tenner week, today is a no spend day and a stop to the money gush of the past week. Making soup with beans that have been in the pantry and odd veg and bacon from freezer. Also making a crock pot dish so I can forget dinner and go about my day. Both will yield lunch and dinner leftovers. Housekeeping duties to catch up on, a long walk, and will treat myself to a facial and a movie on Netflix tonight.

  4. well I had a very successful tenner week until my friend & I had our 50th birthday treat weekend! So..I’m having another go at it this week!
    Hope everyone has enjoyed their tenner week, wish me luck for ALL OF NEXT WEEK !!!

  5. As you know (if you read my previous comments) I took part with the exception of dinner on Friday night which I had already planned which came to £27 (far lower than usual I might add thanks to 241 cocktails!) added to the £3.21 I spent as part of tenner week my total was £30.21 which was far, far less than I would usually spend on one dinner out in London let alone over a whole week so I’m proud. I’ve just posted a blog about my experience this week if anyone would like to read and I plan on making tenner week a monthly thing from now on! x

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