Tenner Week Sept 2015: Day 6

Tenner Week September 2015 day 6

Hello, we’re now well into the home stretch on Day Six of this Tenner Week challenge. Today we’re making a point of being sociable on a budget – something that often influences us to overspend.

It can be all too easy to stay in watching TV and lose touch with friends and loved ones, and to become generally less sociable when we’re low on funds, which is not good for our general wellbeing. Pick one of the ideas below, or come up with one of your own, and take action on it today.

  • Use any free minutes on your phone tariff to have a proper chat with someone
  • Communicate for free via Skype or other apps
  • Host a Google hangout with a few people, including old friends who’ve moved away or overseas relatives
  • Find local free events by checking your council’s website, local online forums and newspapers, or meetup.com.
  • Meet up with a friend for a walk or some sightseeing.
  • Play frisbee or have a kickabout with a football etc in the park.
  • Send a free ecard to a friend, or search online for occasional freebie codes that allow you to post a real card or postcard without paying a fee.
  • Do some volunteering to get out and meet new people in your community.

I’m sure you can think up loads more ideas too. Feel free to add to this list.

What I’m up to

I had a no-spend day yesterday, which I’m really pleased about. I really, really didn’t want to stay home last night but I stuck to the plan and did a home made aubergine and lentil curry. Can’t lie, I wanted to be down the pub instead but this week’s been so good for my bank balance that it drove me onwards. My make do and mend moments were changing a blown light bulb upstairs and taking up the hems on a pair of trousers.

For entertainment, we’d kept a flier with a Sainsbury’s Entertainment code on it for £5 free credit which allowed us to rent a streamed movie to go with our Friday night curry. The service was OK but not something I’d watch beautiful cinematography or heavily CG’d movies on. We watched Pitch Perfect 2 in the end, and although the picture quality wasn’t 100% ideal, it turned out to be a fun freebie.

We also managed to get hold of some free cinema tickets last week which was really lucky, so we’re going out to the movies today. Might go crazy and treat myself to a proper coffee in town afterwards. Oooooh, fancy. We’re also getting very low on groceries – remind me to never do a Tenner Week right after an Empty the Storecupboard challenge ever again – but I’m hoping to use gift vouchers and supermarket points to get some food in without parting with any cash.

Money spent yesterday: £0.00

Money spent so far: £3.50

Over to you

How are you going to keep yourself entertained, and do something sociable today?

What sort of shape is your budget in so far? Let us know.


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  1. I should have done tenner week because I’ve been bleeding money this week. Thank you for the ideas though as I need extra frugality the rest of the month.

  2. Hi Sam – life can get expensive sometimes, can’t it? You’re very welcome to follow this Tenner Week schedule with your own start date if you like, the schedule’s right here:

    Alternatively, there’s a big archive here of different themed Tenner Weeks, so you could scroll through that to find another one that suits your mood or your circumstances.

    All the best,
    Penny x

  3. I skyped with my great nephews this morning which was lovely. Had to buy some eggs & bread this morning too but I plan on not spending anything tomorrow so will be well under budget! Tenner weeks are SUCH a great idea x

  4. We went up the coast in the morning for a couple of hours, then in the evening we had a walk on the prom to take some pictures of ghost signs and soaked up the atmosphere – all for free, even the parking.

  5. I didn’t quite succeed doing the tenner-week, but I managed to keep my spendings around 20 pounds – not counting travel expenses. I go out a lot, not necessarily clubbing or to bars, but cafes, galleries, museums, events, gigs etc. So I often find myself tempted to buy a coffee or a snack (or indeed a meal) when I’m out. I go to a writers group every week, and I always get a coffee or two. Suddenly the numbers add up and I realise I can’t make it through the week on 10 pounds. But I’ll try again. Even if I don’t succeed, it still helps me keep my spendings in check, and I’m certain I spent less than I otherwise would have, because I kept reminding myself not to overspend. So though I didn’t reach the target – it was still useful.

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