Tenner Week Sept 2015: Day 5

Tenner Week September 2015 template Day 5

It’s Day Five of this Tenner Week challenge, and today’s activity is a bit of old fashioned make do and mend. We’re going to mend, alter or upcycle something.

Since it’s Tenner Week, you probably won’t have the budget to hire someone else or take something out to get it fixed. It’s time to get hands-on and sort it out ourselves, ideally without purchasing any expensive new materials if possible. You may even have a few things piled up around your home that need to be mended or altered…

  • Finish some half-done sanding, undercoating or painting
  • Change a dead lightbulb or a fuse
  • Replace batteries in a watch, clock or TV remote control
  • Re-do grouting or sealant around sinks or baths
  • Fix house numbers or a doorbell or buzzer
  • Replace or improve insulation around front door or letterbox
  • Sew a button back onto a shirt or coat
  • Take up a hem
  • Darn knitted items of clothing
  • …and so on

If you can’t find anything in your home to mend or alter today, consider doing some general maintenance instead, even if it’s only for 20 minutes. Check the tyre pressure and oil for your car, put garden furniture away, polish some shoes or boots, or rearrange your wardrobe.

What I’m up to

Yesterday I managed to grab a free trial of some software, so that’s potentially something good once I’ve got the hang of making things look pretty. So that was my geeky freebie. I also treated myself to a proper coffee because I was flagging at work and fancied a treat. We had roasted home grown vegetables and cous cous for dinner, which was a good tasty meal and easy to make.

Meanwhile, I bought a great pair of trousers last month (a bargain in the end of summer sale, you’d love them….). Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, so these trousers need an inch taking off them because they’re just a tiny bit too long. My plan is to fix the hems while I’m watching a trashy film of some sort. Let’s hope there’s something free on iPlayer.

We’ll be having a home made curry with papads and rice tonight, and cucumber mint raita. Last time I made a curry I cooked too much and ended up having to freeze a couple of portions, so it’s going to be like getting a free Friday night takeaway this evening.

Money spent yesterday: £2.50

Total spent so far: £3.50

Over to you

What are you going to mend, alter, update or maintain today? Will you pick something simple and quick, or are you going to spend a little longer?

And finally, how’s your budget going?


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  1. Hi, I’m not doing 2 bad so far wif a total spend of £4.25. Been wrackin my brain 4 sumthin 2 “make do & mend” & I’v come up wif nothin!! Will try sum storage reorganisation instead, maybe I’l find sumthin….?

  2. Not really mending anything but I will be planting some bulbs, onions and flower seeds today. I have a couple of things to harvest too so I’ll be doing something with them too.

  3. Hi Allimack – I bet if you wander around where you live you’ll be able to come up with something that needs sorting out!

    Hi thrift deluxe – Best of luck with your kitchen gardening, sounds very organised and healthy.

    Penny x

  4. hi,
    Didn’t manage to get a freebie so will look tonight. Doesn’t look like my items have been put on FB selling site so I’ll re-post tonight, haven’t mended anything but have attacked housework!
    So I spent £2 on cakes at school today, my tenner week is on hold tomorrow as I’m out with a friend for our 50th birthday treat but service will be resumed on Sunday!
    Hope everyone is enjoying a frugal Friday night x

  5. Hiya Nikki – there are some good freebies around at the moment so I hope you manage to find yourself something nice. Lots of housework to do here, but I’m saving it up for Sunday and trying to have a fun and relaxing Saturday in the meantime.

    Have a lovely birthday treat and enjoy your day!

    P x

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