Tenner Week Sept 2015: Day 4

Tenner Week September 2015 template day 4

Now we’re onto Day Four of Tenner Week – how are you coping with the extreme budgeting challenge? Today’s activity is to get something for free, so we’ll be finding freebies, spending gift vouchers and swapping our reward points for free stuff.

You could check to see whether you have any gift vouchers you can use up, or supermarket or high street chemist points you can exchange for a treat or something useful. Or you could go all out and find some freebies.

For example you could:

  • Try looking locally for people giving things away via Freegle, Gumtree or Freecycle
  • Borrow something from your local library
  • Find Facebook pages or groups devoted to freebies
  • Search freebie forums for samples and giveaways
  • Visit freebie websites like MagicFreebies and LatestFreeStuff
  • Try Supersavvyme for samples
  • Use the O2 Priority Moments app for freebies

That’s enough to get you started, but I’m sure you can turn up loads more than that once you start looking.

What I’m up to

I’ll be browsing my favourite freebie sites, apps, Facebook pages and Twitter profiles today. Wonder what I’ll find? I promise to share.

Last night we had a prawn noodle stir fry with frozen veggies and prawns, soba noodles, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and a bit of rice vinegar. It was much more tasty than I thought it was going to be, and it was nice to get through some of the frozen mixed vegetables that have been sitting around in the bottom of the freezer.

We also had a punnet of plums that was getting very ripe, so I made a spiced plum crumble with cinnamon, star anise and vanilla, and put a few flaked almonds in the topping. We stayed in and watched Great British Bake Off, and let’s face it, you can’t watch that show without having something for dessert.

I really wanted to go out and get coffee and cake yesterday, but had my heart set on a no-spend day which I managed to do. Had a bit of an urge to go shopping as well, so I’ve been avoiding my favourite shopping websites and not opening too many offers emails. What I can’t see, I won’t miss, right?

Money spent yesterday: £0.00

Total spent so far this week: £1.00

Over to you

How much of your £10 budget have you spent so far?

Let us know if you find any excellent freebies – share the goodness!


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  1. I found the freebie yesterday but I’ve just bossed a workout & indulged in a spa session at a gym for the last 90 minutes for FREE! x

  2. Haven’t looked at freebies yet but will do, items I put up for sale haven’t appeared on website for some reason, will chase it up tomorrow.
    No spend day again today but haven’t got dinner planned for tomorrow yet…freezer job I think ???

  3. Hi Nikki – well done on the no-spend day (you did better than me). Good luck sorting out your menu.

    P x

  4. I received a free magazine yesterday, someone donated the brand new edition of Coast and my friend bought it for me! We go for coffee after our shift at the charity shop, she has cake and I don’t so she thought it was only fair as I pay more for her than she does for me.

    We’ve also snaffled some furniture for a friend.

  5. Hi thrift deluxe – nice to see people being fair and sharing out the costs for things. Hope the magazine is a good read, and well done on the furniture. Hope your friend likes it.

    P x

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