Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 7: Cosy up and get comfortable

Tenner Week Sep 2017 Day 7 Coy up and get comfortable keep warm save money

It’s the final day of this latest Tenner Week Challenge. How are you getting on? What’s your budget looking like so far? Today’s activity is a good one if you’ve run out of cash – it’s time to cosy up and get comfortable.

The weather’s taken a turn for the worse, and today we’re keeping warm, staying out of the rain and improving our comfort levels.

Here are a few ideas you could try today:

  • Get a winter duvet out of storage
  • Wash or air a quilt or warm blanket
  • Add a throw to your sofa
  • Get changed into your pyjamas and watch a movie
  • Light some candles or soft lighting
  • Add a throw or blanket to your sofa
  • Dig out some warm socks
  • Make a hot chocolate
  • Curl up in a chair with lots of cushions and read
  • Bake a cake or make a casserole
  • Hang some heavier curtains or a thermal blind
  • Work out where you’ve hidden that hot water bottle
  • Use DIY materials to draught proof around your front door
  • … or anything else you like

What’s happening here

It was a good day for a wardrobe sort out yesterday, and I got all my winter stuff out of storage and put my sundresses and sandals away. I did a load of laundry to freshen up my jumpers, and worked out a rough capsule wardrobe to get me though the Autumn months. Then I moved on to my shoes and boots, cleaning and waterproofing four pairs. Didn’t have time to do any mending and altering, but maybe I can do that Sunday evening instead.

We went to another free film screening after that, and I spent another £1.00 on milk on the way home. That brings the total spent so far this week to a round £7.00, leaving me enough for a coffee or something tomorrow.

We also watched a recorded TV show when we got back, adding another 46 minutes to the total. American shows are shorter in total so that they can have more ad breaks in them, it turns out, and we watched it without the ads. That brings my grand total to 191 minutes so there’s up to 49 minutes of screen time left.


How are you going to get comfy and cosy on a budget today? 


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