Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 6: New school uniform

Tenner Week Challenge September 2017 wardrobe maintenance Autumn fashion school uniform

Saturday’s Tenner Week activity is to get your clothes ready for the coming season, a bit like when you’re a little kid and you get your new school uniform for the coming term. But this time you get to choose all your own clothes, of course.

If possible, try to create a mix and match wardrobe of clothes, or try putting a full capsule wardrobe together.

It’s also a good opportunity to:

  • Wash any stored jumpers or other cold weather clothing to freshen them up
  • Mend anything that needs a bit of care
  • Alter or upcycle one or more garments
  • Clean shoes and boots, add waterproofing spray etc
  • Put coats or jackets to one side for dry cleaning next week
  • Work out if there’s anything new you need
  • Write a shopping list for new or replacement stuff
  • Sell or donate unwanted items

What’s happening here

I’ll be getting my winter woolies down from the top of the wardrobe and doing some laundry today. The weather’s definitely feeling cooler and it’s time to break out the jumpers.

Yesterday was another no spend day, and I made a little extra effort by drinking more water and doing some relaxation exercises. In the evening we went out to a free movie screening that had a discussion panel afterwards, so that meant no staying in and watching the telly – no extra TV watched either.


What are you doing today to get your ‘new uniform’ ready?


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  1. Continue what I have been doing all week which is to check through my winter clothes seeing what goes with what so they can work as hard as possible. I have discovered a couple of things to alter and some new looks.

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