Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 3: Read, relax and rest

Tenner Week September 2017 Day 3 Read rest relax tennerweek budget

Hello. How’s your week going? Today is Day Three of our latest Tenner Week Challenge, with its ‘Back to School’ theme, and it’s sort of based on the saying of ‘not on a school night‘. The idea being that if you want to be at your best tomorrow, it’s a good idea to look after yourself tonight.

All you have to do is find something interesting to read, as long as it’s not social media or scrolling news, and spend some time relaxing.

What could you read? Just a few ideas:

  • Non fiction books or essays
  • A magazine or journal
  • Some chapters of a novel
  • Satire or humour
  • Short stories or poetry

Remember to put your feet up, rest and take it easy. Enjoy your reading, even if you can only manage half an hour.

If you have time today, add in another relaxing activity as well. For example, have a soak in the bath, a bit of beauty pampering, or listen to some relaxing music or other relaxation recording. If possible, try to have an early night, or not stay up too late.

Take it easy and enjoy.

What’s happening here

Last night we used up our stash of theatre tokens and went to see Book of Mormon. It was a great night out, and I also spent £5.00 on drinks. We also ran out of milk so I bought a £1.00 bottle at the supermarket that should see us through to the end of the week. Monday had been a zero spend day, so I’m £6.00 down in total so far.

I’m also doing the TV Diet to have a break from too much goggleboxing – and to make more time for reading – and while I didn’t watch any on Tuesday I did watch a show on catch-up the day before. Skipping the ad breaks meant a total of 46 minutes of telly so far this week. Not bad.

There’s a stack of unread books to get through, so I’ll just pick one at random. At least there’s no need to go to the library in the pouring rain…


What will you be doing to read, rest and relax today?


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  1. Girl Guides starts again tonight, so sadly, no relaxing for me. I did have a very relaxing evening last night though – after I’d done some admin phone calls that I’d been putting off (but saved money as cancelled a travel insurance policy before it renewed again now that I have some with my content insurance), I sat and did some cross-stitch.

    I am – so far – on a zero spend streak. 😀 Will need to pick up some yogurt tomorrow though so it won’t last.

  2. How did you skip the ad breaks on catch up? I always get the red “no entry” sign when I try to fast forward through the ads on catch up!

  3. Hi Rachel, most of the breaks had been removed already apart from one at the beginning, so I muted the sound and tidied the room up for a minute before sitting down to watch.

  4. Hi Meghan – hope you get to catch up on the reading and relaxation at the weekend.

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