Tenner Week Sep 2017: Day 2: Organise your summer photos

Tenner Week September 2017 Day 2 Organise your summer photos

Today’s quick ‘Back to School’ Tenner Week activity is to organise your summer photos. It’s a kind of declutter, but it’s also quite a nice way to remember some of the good things about the summer, whether you went away on holiday or stayed closer to home.

Many of us have a tendency to take plenty of pictures when we’re out and about, but sometimes we forget to delete the duds, file things where we can easily find them again, or clear them off of overloaded devices such as smartphones or cameras.

Put that right today with an activity that’ll only take a few minutes. You can back up and organise everything to your heart’s content, and if you have some more free time you could maybe do something creative with your photos too.

Start by backing up your images to one or more places, whether that’s onto your computer, a USB flash drive memory stick, an external hard drive, or to an online or cloud based data storage facility (for example Dropbox or Google Photos). If you have photos that are particularly special, remember to back them up to at least two different locations.

Put your pictures into different folders if necessary, and give each one a clear and easy to remember name. If you’re using a data storage service, most will give you plenty of storage space for free, so that shouldn’t affect your budget.

If you have any time left over after this, you can have some fun making collages with your pictures with a free software program or turning them into phone or laptop wallpaper. Keep that holiday / summery feeling alive just a little while longer.


Did you take any great photos over the summer? How will you be getting organised today?


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