Tenner Week Sep 2015: Schedule & Sunday Stocktake

Tenner Week September 2015 sunday stocktake

We’re just at the start of our September 2015 Tenner Week budgeting challenge. Can you live on £10 for a week?

Today is an optional Sunday Stocktake, and there’s also a quick schedule for you so that you have a better idea of what’s coming up during the week. A little advance information makes it easier to plan. The theme for the week is Core Money Skills, so you can either brush them up if you’re a beginner or flex your money-saving muscles if you’re more experienced.

If you need a quick recap of the Tenner Week Rules, please take a moment to refresh your memory before joining in with the activities. This time around we also have a prize draw competition to enter too, so try your luck.

Tenner Week Schedule

There’s something new to try every day, as well as the overarching challenge (live on a £10 budget for a week).

Note how there’s a zero spend day for the Sunday – handy if you’ve run out of money by the end of the week.

The Sunday Stocktake

Counting your blessings – and resources – can definitely make life easier when you’re trying to cut your spending. Since most of your budget could end up being spent on groceries, it’s best to start with a really good look at your food and drink stores.

Where to look:

  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Cupboards
  • Fruit bowl
  • Biscuit tin
  • Bread bin
  • Spice & herb rack
  • …and so on

If there’s anything that’s in date but about to go off, leave yourself a reminder to it up as soon as you can. Then move on to the rest of your home to look for anything else that might be useful during the coming week. That could include vouchers, DIY or craft materials, unread books, unwatched DVDs or Blu-Rays, etc.

What I’m up to

I’ll be getting a crisp £10 note out of a cash machine because it’s so much easier to work in cash. Then I’ll be looking extra-hard around the kitchen for things to cook & eat, because I recently finished my Empty the Storecupboard Challenge and the cupboards are looking a bit bare. Uh oh.

Over to you

Do you have enough groceries to make it through the week, or will you have to buy some?

Are you joining in? Let us know!


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  1. hi everyone!
    I’m looking forward to my tenner week…although mine is slightly “personalised” to my family!
    I’ve done my weekly shopping and realise I’ve forgotten a few things so we’ll have to make do!
    I have two hungry rugby players and a fussy teenage girl to cater for so that’s why I’ve done my shopping!
    Tenner week is personal to me, so I can’t have my daily Costa, I can’t take the kids to macdonalds when i’m too busy to cook, no takeaways no emergency bottle of wine etc etc. I will have to choose what I spend my precious tenner on!
    Today I will fine tune meal planning and cook as much as I can for the freezer so that I’m fully prepared.
    So although it’s a watered down version it will still be a challenge! I will still follow daily suggestions …does this still count as tenner week? Does anyone else have their own version of tenner week?
    Good luck everyone???????

  2. I’m joining in too! Took my tenner out the cash machine on the way back from my Sunday morning run (I know, far too early to be running on a Sunday but hey, the sun’s out! LOL)

    I think I’ve got enough food in the cupboards to see me through the week and I’ll be making my own lunches (if the bread lasts long enough) so fingers crossed.

    Good luck everyone else doing tenner week!!

  3. Hi Nikki, don’t worry, what you spend on your kids and partner doesn’t count for Tenner Week, so that would be staying completely within the rules. For example, if you want to go out with the kids for a burger, what they order doesn’t come out of your weekly total (but what you choose to eat and drink DOES, so you’d have to order less than £10 of food for yourself or however much you had left in your budget). So that’s not really watered down at all 🙂

    Hi Jackie, you’re doing better than me, I had cake in bed for breakfast. Waste not, want not 😉 Well done on getting out for a run though, very impressive.

    Good luck everyone!

    P xx

  4. Hey. I’m joining the Tenner Week this time. I’m extremely good at spending too much money, especially on takeaways – so wish me luck!

  5. oh that’s good! Well I cooked a few freezer meals today, have made my lunch and got a packet cappuccino out for tomorrow( Costa I will miss you tomorrow !) enjoy day 1 everyone ???

  6. Hi Ida, that’s excellent news – great to have you with us. I think Monday’s menu plan exercise should help you to avoid those takeaways. Good luck!

    Hi Nikki – Costa will survive without you for a few days. Well done with the freezer meals 🙂

    Penny xx

  7. I’m in too, although I only have a fiver, but on the plus side I was given a big bag of tomatoes and some courgettes yesterday so that balances things out a bit. Menu plan is done and we still have plenty of food in the pantry. Should be fun.

  8. I’m partaking in tenner week for the first time. Did a quick shop on Friday evening so I had some meat and fresh veg for the week ahead but I’m hoping to use up some of the stuff in my freezer too. Am making a small exception for dinner with the girls on Friday but better that than not participate at all IMO. Good luck everyone! x

  9. Hi thrift deluxe – only a fiver? You’re very brave! Let us know how you get on with the mini budget please.

    Hi Leanne, welcome to your first Tenner Week. Hope you enjoy it and manage to rein the spending in between now and that night out. Better make those six days count 😉

    Penny xx

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