Tenner Week Sep 2015: Day 3

Tenner Week September 2015 template day 3

Day Three of our Tenner Week already, and today’s activity is to take whatever you put aside yesterday and sell your unwanted items.

By the end of today, take the first step towards selling your chosen items, whether that’s creating an online listing, putting a message on a noticeboard, or contacting people you know who might be interested in buying from you. It could be as simple as sending a quick email, writing a card for a shop window, or printing off a small poster.

You have a lot of options for making your sale, for example:

  • Selling directly to friends and relatives
  • Holding a home, yard or garage sale
  • Putting an ad in the local newspaper or in a shop window (you may need to pay a small fee)
  • Using a local Facebook group that lists and sells second hand goods.
  • Selling using listings sites such as Preloved or eBay
  • Selling to a bulk buyer like musicMagpie or CeX

If you’re selling online or via an app, remember to take good photos to increase your chances of a good sale.

What I’m up to

Yesterday we ran out of milk and butter, so I went to the shops and stocked up. My share of the groceries was £1, and considering how little we have stored in the house at the moment after the Empty the Storecupboard challenge I’m surprised that the damage wasn’t worse. Hoping to have a no-spend day today.

As far as the selling goes, I’ve had the most success selling on eBay, so I’ll be trying to take photos of my items in good light and setting some timed listings to run as long as possible and end on a Sunday in the early evening. I’ll also be very careful to weigh and measure what I’m selling so that I don’t underestimate the cost of postage.

Spent yesterday: £1.00

Total spent so far: £1.00

Over to you

How’s your budget going so far? What have you picked out to sell?

If you’re a more experienced seller, do you have any advice for newbies?


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  1. no spend day,cooked dinner and freezer dinner out for tomorrow.lunch and breakfast made for tomorrow too.
    Going to photograph items to sell on face book now ?
    Hope you all having a good day 3

  2. Hi Nikki – you are so organised! Good luck with your sales and hope that dinner is really tasty!

    P x

  3. Well so far this week I’ve only spent £2.50 on a fancy coffee – I desperately needed a caffeine fix today and couldn’t resist. I have been making my own lunch in the mornings so I’ve not had to spend anything there.
    I’ve just been rummaging around in the spare room and dug out an old mp3 player that I’m going to stick on eBay tomorrow. Hopefully I might get a few bob for it!

  4. Hi Jackie – I did the same thing today. I can do without the ‘rubbish milkshake for grown ups that’s faintly coffee flavoured and shoved in a heavily logo’d paper cup’ stuff, but good looking Italian machinery and a well-oiled barista do it for me every time. 😉 😀

    Penny x

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