Tenner Week Sep 2015: Day 2

Tenner Week September 2015 template day 2

It’s Day Two of our latest Tenner Week challenge, and today’s activity is to have a bit of a declutter around your home and find three or more things to sell.

In a hurry? You can run through this exercise in five minutes or less if you can easily think of things you’d like to sell. Just grab three items and put them to one side for tomorrow (we’re not selling them today).

Do you have a junk cupboard, a messy spare room or a couple of random creates somewhere at home? That might be a good place to start looking…

If you have more time, consider having a declutter or clean up of a room, a cupboard, or part of a shed or garage. To make the most money, look for three high value items or collect up a larger collection of several lower cost things.

What I’m up to

Yesterday’s menu plan went okay, which is lucky considering how little there is in the storecupboard. We had flour tortillas from the freezer, salsa made from home grown tomatoes, cheese, pinto beans, plain yogurt and some Quorn pieces. Easy Monday night dinner and tasty too. Made proper coffee at home in the morning as well, instead of going out for one.

I also stayed out of the online shops, in spite of being sent some very tempting deals and codes, so I managed a no-spend day.

Today’s going to be different because we’re almost out of milk already… For today I’ve also been tidying up my wardrobe for the new season and have picked out a handbag and a couple of pairs of shoes to sell.

Money spent yesterday: £0.00

Money spent in total: £0.00

Over to you

What are you thinking about selling? How much of your £10 budget have you spent so far?

Do you have any decluttering or budgeting tips to help any beginners who might be reading this?


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  1. welll yesterday went well, no spend and ate well. Today has been a no spend and dinner from freezer. Tomorrow is chicken wraps with salad..yummy!
    I’m going to sell a handbag and a couple of skirts that must have shrunk in the wash!
    Still sticking to no Costa, I’m being taken out by my friend to the shard for afternoon tea on Saturday. As this is a long standing arrangement I will have to have a day off of tenner week and finish on Tuesday!
    Planning to spend nothing until Saturday so £10 can go towards train fare.
    How’s everyone getting on today?

  2. Hi Nikki,

    Wow, you’ve been really busy! Loving the sound of your plan this week – it definitely pays to be organised.

    Penny x

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