Tenner Week schedule

tennerdarwinThe next Tenner Week is nearly upon us – it officially starts on Monday 10th June. It’s summer time and the living is easy, but how easy is it to live on £10 a week? Why not challenge yourself and find out.

As always, we’re trying to keep food and other personal spending under £10 over seven days. That does exclude things like rent, mortgage, and transport to work, so don’t panic. You can also use up leftovers and anything you already have stored (but stockpiling in advance is cheating). Here’s a quick reminder if you want to remind yourself of the rules.

Here’s the suggested schedule for the week, but feel free to rearrange the days to suit your work and lifestyle:

  • Sun 9th – Do a stocktake of all the food and drink in your home (& garden)
  • Mon 10th – Make a menu for the week, aim for healthy as possible
  • Tues 11th – Do a sort, sharp declutter, such as a drawer or cupboard
  • Weds 12th – Take time out to pamper yourself and relax
  • Thurs 13th – Dust off a hobby, or fix something up around the house
  • Fri 14th – Stay social, find free or cheap ways to stay in touch with friends
  • Sat 15th – Get some exercise, maybe using existing equipment, DVDs or videos
  • Sun 16th – Be entertained, and find the most fun you can have for free (no, not like that)

Available now: The ‘How to Live on £10’ ebook

To make your Tenner Week go with a bigger bang, try ‘How to Live on £10 a Week: Take the Tenner Week Challenge’. It includes a real life example of a shopping basket and menu, and plenty of free and cheap ways to keep yourself entertained.

It’s on sale at a low introductory price of £1.53, so please buy a copy while it’s on offer and help support this site. You don’t need to own a Kindle to read this book – there’s free, safe official software you can download to read it on your phone, tablet or computer.


Have a great Tenner Week! Please join in if you can.

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