Tenner Week schedule 28th April onwards

It’s time to say ‘save the date’ again, because Tenner Week is coming back. Are you up for the challenge? Could you live on £10 for a week?

tenner week live on £10 a week challenge Penny Golightly

If you’d like a quick reminder of the Tenner Week rules, they’re right here, all nice and simple.

As always there will be something new to try every day, to keep things moving along. This time around we have a spanking new schedule that looks a little bit like this:

There will be all kinds of new tricks and tips, useful links and so on each day, so please drop by in the mornings if you’d like to read those as there’ll be a new post going live first thing.

The Tenner Week schedule and standard information is always available on this site free to use for anyone who’s very low on funds or generally feeling the pinch. If you have a little extra to spare, please consider supporting this site and treating yourself to a copy of our How to Live on £10 a Week: Take the Tenner Week Challenge mini ebook, which contains additional information and resources.

New Tenner Week live on £10 28 April 2014

Look out for new Tenner Week blog posts starting on Sunday the 27th! See you there.

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  1. If Ned Stark says we’ve got to live on a tenner a week, we’ve better start preparing. Winter is Coming, afterall, eh?

  2. Hi Alison. There’s no point arguing with Ned, is there? Budgets are coming…. 😉

  3. Why oh why did I not see your £10 Week Challenge when I did this in 2010?! I did it for nine months to raise money for charity, hardest thing I’ve ever done!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

  4. Hi Catherine and welcome to the site. Nine months? You must be some kind of budgeting ninja! Please give us your top tips for sticking to a budget, I’m sure it will help lots of people.

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