Tenner Week October 2013 schedule

Tenner Week 21 October 2013Save the date, a new Tenner Week is coming! If you’d like to take the challenge and try to live on £10 for a week, please join us starting on Monday the 21st of October.

If you’ve never tried a Tenner Week before, it’s more fun to join in when a bunch of people are all doing one at the same time. It’s a good opportunity to find inspiration for things to do, pick up some clever recipe ideas, and even get some moral support if things are tough going. Look out for the #10week hashtag on Twitter or check the pages here.

Your £10 covers groceries, leisure and any discretionary spending for just yourself. It doesn’t include travel to work, business expenses, or money you have to spend on rent, utilities, medicines, partners, kids or pets.

As usual, we’ll be doing a new activity every day, ideally something that’s fun or easy to do. The schedule / calendar’s below (and if you’re doing your Tenner Week a week early, this gives you plenty of time to get ready and start yours on the 14th of October).

The day before you start, remember to do a stocktake. Look at food and drink that you already have in the fridge, freezer, cupboards, pantry, larder, shed, kitchen garden and so on – make a note of them so you know exactly where you stand. Also have a look around the place for gift vouchers, reward points, PayPal credit etc, plus look around for books you haven’t read yet, free gym trials, DVDs you haven’t watched and any other entertainment you can muster.

Then we have our calendar, with something new to try every day:

  • Mon 21st Oct: Mega Menu Monday – plan out a menu for the week
  • Tues 22nd Oct: Tickle Me Tuesday – focus on having a laugh without overspending
  • Weds 23rd Oct: Woolly Wednesday – mend or upcycle some warm clothes
  • Thurs 24th Oct: Thrifty Thursday – go shopping for free with vouchers / points
  • Fri 25th Oct: Freebie Friday – concentrate on getting stuff for free today
  • Sat 26th Oct: Sociable Saturday – keep in touch with friends / meet up cheaply
  • Sun 27th Oct: Sleepy Sunday – schedule in a relaxing end to a busy week

Will you be joining in? Can you manage life on just £10 for a week?

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