Tenner Week Oct 2018: Day 7: Wish lists and planning

Tenner Week Oct 2018 Day 7

It’s the final day of of the ‘Cosy up for the Autumn‘ themed Tenner Week Challenge, and today it’s time to pause, reflect and make some plans. Why? Because things usually go better when you have some kind of a plan, even if it’s something modest.

Sundays are often a good day of the week for wish lists and planning, where you’re more likely to be able to take a moment to yourself and have a calm, quiet think about whatever you like.

Today, take at least five minutes and make a to-do list, a wish list or a plan of some sort. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, so just fit it around your needs, priorities, preferences or interests as required.

Here are a few ideas if you need some help getting started:

  • Make a healthy menu for next week
  • Write a list of Christmas presents you want to buy
  • Create a very specific plan to boost your work skills
  • Make an exercise schedule for November
  • Put together a wish list of home decor or winter clothes
  • Work out how to get a side business off the ground
  • Write a to-do list of household maintenance or DIY
  • Plan your most important social events for the rest of 2018
  • Make a practical financial plan, such as saving up, paying off part or all of a debt, or investing
  • Set a goal, such as something you’d like to achieve by the end of next year, and make a month-by-month plan of the big milestones that you need to hit
  • Block out some regular time in your diary for a hobby, interest, study, volunteering, training or self care

It’s completely up to you so make whatever list or plan you like, whether it’s something fun or something more serious. Go for something that you can follow easily, ideally with a specific list you can tick off as you go along so that you’ll know when your tasks are all completed and gain a sense of achievement.

What’s happening here

Yesterday I went out and bought milk as we’d almost completely run out. I bought a larger bottle as it’s always better value per pint that way, although you could argue I should have picked up the smallest, cheapest one to keep the total spending down. That added another £1.10 to the running total, so it’s now £8.19 all in. That probably leaves enough for a quick cuppa in a local cafe later if I can drag myself out of the house.

We’re still eating well and alternating comfort food with plenty of fruit and veggies, and we have just enough left in the fridge, fruit bowl and freezer to eat healthily today too. Monday or Tuesday will probably see us getting a big shop in though, as we’ve scoffed our way through just about everything that’s fresh.

Last night we had spicy TexMex fajitas, and tonight I’ll be using up one of our homegrown pumpkins to make a seasonal risotto. It’s been another good Tenner Week foodwise, and once again I’ve enjoyed the thrifty menu more than an average week’s general meals; there’s something about the limits of the budget that concentrates the mind…

As far as today’s activity goes, I’m looking forward to planning a little health kick today as part of Sunday’s mini challenge, starting on Monday, just as soon as I’ve finished this course of antibiotics. Can’t wait to get back up and at ’em (I’ve spent half this weekend sleeping it off).


Have you managed to make it to the end of the week with any of your £10 cash left over? What’s your wish list or plan going to be for today?


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  1. Dear Penny, Hope you will recover soon. I finished my antibiotics yesterday. For today, I will stay inside because the weather is very cold outside. I will do some Italian lessons and some gentle exercices, mainly stretching and yoga. Tonight it is a crêpe party as comfort food and a bit of telly before an early night.
    Waiting and longing for another coming challenge during next month (hopefully).
    Love Pat

  2. Hi Patricia, thanks for your kind wishes and I’m off the antibiotics now, but feeling very tired. Looking forward to getting better and having some more energy! Your Sunday plans sound just about perfect and I hope the comfort food was delicious. There will be some ‘get ready for Christmas’ stuff on the site soon, if you like the sound of that for another mini challenge.

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