Tenner Week Oct 2018: Day 6: Autumn walks and long reads

Tenner Week Oct 2018 Day 6

We’re on to Day Six of our ‘Cosy up for the Autumn‘ Tenner Week Challenge and by now funds may be running low. That’s why today’s activity is about the simple (and FREE!) pleasures of the season and it’s called ‘Autumn walks & long reads‘.

All you have to do today is pick one or more of the following activities, and get stuck into them. Enjoy yourself, and make the most of the weekend.

You could try:

  • Taking a walk and kicking through fallen leaves
  • Borrowing a library book and reading for an hour or more
  • Reading a long feature article online
  • Making a cake, some bread or a casserole
  • Having a soak in a warm bubble bath
  • Watching spooky Halloween shows
  • Planning a lie-in for tomorrow morning (prep some breakfast, such as pancake mix or cinnamon porridge mix the night before, and set a breakfast tray)
  • Drinking hot chocolate in front of old movies with a blanket over your knees

It’s up to you how many of these you get up to, but try to manage at least one.

What’s happening here

Yesterday was yet another zero spend day, so the total spent so far this week is still £7.09. We’re running a bit low on milk now so I might have to buy some today or tomorrow, or I could just do without.

Yesterday night’s dinner was a rice crust quiche with a smoked salmon topping, and a beetroot salad on the side. The salmon was bought a while back when it was on offer, and was waiting in the freezer to be used up. We followed that up with some warm spiced apricots and raisins from the storecupboard and watched some Netflix after that. A quiet night in but very relaxing.

Today I’ll be doing some work on my kitchen garden and going for a walk through the local park. I might manage to tick a few other activities off the list later too, depending on how much time’s left after that. Let’s see.


How is your budget going so far, and will you make it to the end of the week without overspending? Which of the activities on the ‘Autumn walks and long reads’ list appeals to you the most today?


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  1. Dear Penny,
    The challenge is going well as I still have my 10£ note in my purse. I will not spend a penny until the
    end of the challenge, so I will keep it for next time.
    Love, Pat

  2. Well done Pat, I’m very impressed! How did you manage to have a zero spend week?

  3. Well, nothing just the weather is not good, and plenty to do at home especially with the garden for the next coming growing season. I try to stay concentrate on your daily activities. I LOOOOVE Tenner Week and one week challenges.

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