Tenner Week Oct 2018: Day 5: Home entertainment curate & collate

Tenner Week Oct 2018 Day 5

Hi again. We’ve made it to Friday, hurrah! Day Five of our Tenner Week budgeting challenge is all about keeping ourselves entertained, and the activity for today is a quick ‘Home entertainment curate & collate‘. It’s all about keeping ourselves entertained on a budget on those cosy nights in.

You can spend five minutes on this or spend as long as you like, depending on how busy you are or your particular hobbies and interests. Plan your watching, listening or reading, and make a playlist or a wishlist, or get on the waiting list. If you’re looking for more inspiration try collecting around a theme, which could be anything from 2018 Man Booker Prize shortlisted books to zombie movies.

Pick one or more of the following, and start collecting:

  • Go through TV, book, film, or podcast reviews and make a note of interesting ones
  • Make a playlist of music
  • Favourite some blog posts to read later
  • Add shows or films to your Netflix or other streaming service watch list
  • Use the YouTube watch later tab
  • Set a TV series to record
  • Add e-books and audiobooks to your library hold list or wishlist
  • Download some audiobooks, ebooks, podcasts, video etc
  • Download a box set of shows from iPlayer or other media hub
  • Collect up some old favourite Blu-Rays, records etc
  • Gather up unread books and magazines for use

You can make your collections as highbrow, lowbrow or quirky as you like. Happy curating and collecting!

What’s happening here

Yesterday was another no spend day here, so the total spent so far is still £7.09. We had some good comfort food last night too: homemade paprika potato wedges with veggie cheeseburgers and greens on the side. It wasn’t exactly gourmet but it tasted just right, and the chips and burgers were baked so wasn’t too unhealthy.

We cancelled some free screening tickets because we’ve both admitted defeat and realised we’re tired and a bit too poorly to go out tonight. I’ll be taking advantage of the extra night in to look at some reviews of upcoming TV shows, seeing as it’s ‘event TV’ season now, and maybe setting our tellybox to record a few bits and bobs. If there’s time I might also get some podcasts together to make train journeys more interesting too.


What will you be collecting together today? Books, music, TV, film, or something else?


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