Tenner Week Oct 2018: Day 4: Pimp up your sofa

Tenner Week Oct 2018 day 4

We’re rattling through this Tenner Week Challenge at a great pace, and today’s ‘Cosy up for the Autumn‘ activity is called Pimp up your sofa. We tend to spend more time indoors during those long, dark autumn and winter evenings, so why not make it a bit more warm and comfortable?

All you need to do today is spend five minutes or more making your sofa a nicer place to hang out on. If you have more time then by all means spend a little longer if you want to though. Here are a few things you could do:

  • Vaccuum all over your sofa
  • Dust or wipe down a leather sofa
  • Spot clean sofa fabric
  • Shake cushions outdoors and plump them up
  • Wash and dry cushion covers
  • Get accessories out of storage, such as throws or extra cushions
  • Make a ‘slanket’ (cross between a sleeping bag and a blanket)
  • Do some research about new throws, cushions etc
  • Tidy up your coffee table or rearrange accessories on it
  • Find a box to put remote controls away into

What’s happening here

In the last couple of days I’ve bought some more Superdrug hydrating serum for £2.99, had a cup of tea (£2.10) while waiting for a film screening to start, and bought some live yogurt (£2.00) to keep my insides happy. I wouldn’t normally buy the yogurt, but my doc has put me on antibiotics due to a secondary infection after having a virus and I wanted to get some more probiotics into my diet in case the drugs upset my stomach.

That brings the total spent to £7.09, not leaving much for emergencies.

Today’s mini challenge couldn’t be better timed – I’m in dire need of a cosy night in so I’ll be dusting and vaccuuming our sofa, then collapsing onto it with a giant mug of tea.


How could you make your sofa a happier, cosier place to sit? How’s your budget looking so far this week?


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  1. Dear Penny,
    I am on antibiotics too. My doctor gave me ULTRAYEAST 50mg (1 capsul with 1 antibiotics/3 times per day). It is probiotic, really efficient for the transit.

  2. Hi Patricia. Oh dear, there are so many bugs about at the moment! Hope you get better soon.

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