Tenner Week Oct 2018: Day 2: Wardrobe maintenance

Tenner Week challenge October 2018 day 2 (1)

It’s Day Two of our latest Tenner Week budgeting challenge. How are you getting on so far? The current week’s theme is ‘Cosy up for the Autumn‘ and as part of this today’s activity is to do some wardrobe maintenance.

That’s right, time to do one, two or three things that will make your autumn wardrobe warmer, cosier or smarter. How much you decide to do can be quite flexible and it depends on how much free time you have today. By the way, most of the tasks this week only take a few minutes each, so if you’re very busy then you might prefer to save one or two of them up and do these extra activities at the weekend.

So, what could you do today to improve your autumn clothes and accessories? Here are a few ideas:

  • Wash a jumper, cardigan, or other warm clothes
  • Defuzz knitwear or a coat
  • Sew buttons back on a cardigan, jacket etc
  • Darn small holes or repair seams on woolens
  • Mend or alter warm tops, trousers, dresses or tailoring
  • Wash vests, t-shirts, warm socks or thermals
  • Polish or rain protect your warm boots or shoes
  • Re-waterproof a mac or other waterproof clothing
  • Wash, defuzz or mend gloves, hats or scarves
  • Move warm clothing from storage to a more accessible spot
  • Clean or mend winter sports clothing

You don’t need to do everything on the list, just fit one or two of the list items around your general lifestyle and your available time.

What’s happening here

I managed to have a zero spend day on Monday, and ate healthily too. My menu plan is now done for the week, including some of our favourite comfort foods, and later today I’ll be repairing one of my long sleeved dresses which needs a button loop fixing. If there’s time, and I feel okay, I might take up the hems on a too-long pair of warm trousers.

Meanwhile, I’m still fighting off a nasty virus so it’s probably a good idea to go slow and not overdo it. Will probably try to have an early night and get some rest though.


What sort of autumnal wardrobe maintenance do you need to do? Laundry? Mending? Shoe care?


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  1. Going to indulge myself to a chocolate tasting tonight….(free tickets from my neighbourg)

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